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And it was all gone ... !!! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Hello to the Peoples Republic of Omniland!
I downloaded OF today to see if it could replace my current GTD app I use - hell yes it can! - and played some with it.
One thing that I really didn't like - maybe because I don't know better yet - is how easy one can delete stuff, even if he doesn't want to ... !
It might have all been my fault, but I really don't know what I did wrong.
I made the View Bar visible and allowed the due date to be seen and bang one Project was gone! Now if it was a bug I am sure you already know about it if I just did hit one key and got rid of it myself I would say that is not a good thing for someone like me. I mean we all don't want the Microsoft Windows who asks us 10 times if we really would like to print this document ... but I wouldn't like to think I could delete a whole project that easy!?
To top it all I killed everything while I tried to rebuild it because I forgot to back up the database in the first place - well at least I learned a new English word today "revert" ...
I still will stick with OF - great app!

We have a bug logged to prompt in some cases when deleting would delete data that isn't currently visible. For example, if you have a folder that contains completed projects, or project with completed actions, etc.
CTO, The Omni Group
I have to ask again!
Will there be any kind of warning in the future that prevents me from deleting Context Folders or Projects that I don't want to delete.
It happened again today with a Context, while I tried to add a child folder to it. Again no clue what I did - but it was gone!
That is very annoying - no matter how stupid I act, but actually even then this should simply not happen.
Esp. GTD Newbies drag and drop and rearrange folders all the time.
<bug://bugs/38615> (Prompt to delete projects, contexts, or folders, or Command-Delete to bypass prompt [confirm delete])

This is currently scheduled for our UI freeze, so hopefully it will make it in to 1.0; if not, probably 1.x.
CTO, The Omni Group
if not, I'd publish a warning [which I'm sure you will ] that it's possible for it to happen .... I lost a batch of completed tasks that way one time . that might put quite a strain on the words " trusted system " to new users . I knew I was using alpha build , If I'd downloaded final version months from now and that happened , I'd feel very differently .
Tim thanks for your anwsers - but I don't really understand it! :)
Might be a language gap.
Are you telling me that the non-existance of a warning is a bug?
In that case I would be okay with it.
I guess at the moment a lot of us try/use at least three different GTD apps at the same time (and we all know who they are) and so far Omni wins in my book. If this deleting-"feature" wouldn't be gone by Version 1.x I would have to stay away from purchasing it because there is no way I would be calm enough to not lose one folder per day ... so can I have a yes/no answer pretty please?
"Warning window" soon ... ??

Thank you

I just posted about this, not having seen this thread. I had a similar issue: I deleted a folder containing completed projects, thinking that I did not need this in my "Active" project view. Luckily enough, I thought of checking whether the completed project had been moved, and realized they were gone. I was able to undo my way out.
phaty: Yes, Tim is saying that we plan to soon add a warning when users are deleting something. The non-existence of this warning is a bug.

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