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Creating a table with filing-cabinet tab image Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Both OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner came bundled with my Mac and I've already made several dazzling flowcharts with OmniGraffle.

Now I need to create a list of keyboard shortcuts, but instead of a plain old boring list I want to make it a little fancier (but still professional looking).
This is the kind of information I'll be putting into the list:

Action               Shortcut           Comment                  
Open file            CMD O
Print                CMD P              Allows preview before printing
Close window         CMD W
Select all           CMD A

I'm not familiar with what OmniOutliner can do yet (I'm using version 3.6.2), but it seems to be able to do tables (though I hope I can do away with the triangles, dots, bullets, boxes or whatever they're called which I've seen been used in some example files I downloaded from the Omni website).

Apart from the standard table (which should look professional and presentable) I want to fancy it up a little bit, perhaps making it a little more 3D or web 2.0 looking. I'm open for ideas, but I thought that adding a row of tabs at the top would be nice.
Since I'll be making a few separate lists, all with keyboard shortcuts, but categorized in groups (e.g. "General", "Editing", "File operations" etc.) I thought that I could create a row of tabs at the top, then highlight the tab for that specific table, looking just like a tab out of a filing cabinet. The tabs could be in plain colour or shiny/3D looking.

The end result will be a PDF file or graphic image file (PNG, JPG or whatever) on a website, so I'm the only one who will be using OmniOutliner. The reason why I don't just do the whole thing in say Photoshop is because I want to make it easy to edit or add new stuff later, without having to redo the whole document.

So the big question is: is all of this possible to do in OmniOutliner, and if yes -how do I do it?

I assume that if I can make a standard table, but OmniOutliner won't allow me to add tabs at the top (the tabs don't have to be clickable -they can be static graphic images), I assume I can export the complete OmniOutliner file as a graphic file, which I can import into Photoshop where I'll be adding the tabs.

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OmniOutliner doesn't do actual "tables". It is spreadsheet like though and works perfectly for such a list. However, columns are persistent throughout a file so you'd have to be creative with putting your tabs at the top. It would be easiest to save as a PDF and insert the tabs in Photoshop instead.

You can turn off the handles (bullets and triangles) through the Row: Advanced inspectors. You can turn off the checkboxes through the Document: Display inspector.

If you have anymore questions, just let me know!
So you're saying that it's not possible to insert a graphic image at the top of a table within OmniOutliner, so I need to save the table as a graphic file instead, then edit it in Photoshop, adding the tabs there?
By the way, being a complete newbie to OmniOutliner, are there any example files of a standard, basic table that I can download and have a look at? I've messed around with it for a while and can't figure it out.

OmniGraffle can accept graphic images (I've just tried), but I don't know if I can create tables in it. This is probably a better question for the OmniGraffle forum though, but if I could use OmniGraffle I could at least skip a step and keep everything in one file, simply just exporting an image of everything when I'm done.

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