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A newby question here,
I just completed a Phase I Project Plan and I need to apply company name/logo warnings etc to the html templates.

I have found index.html, ResourceTemplate.html and Task Template,html in the HTMLTemplates folder and created a new folder which contains my modifications. I can select the new folder when I need to create a new html report. However I cannot find the Gantt and Resource Timeline templates.

Can anyone direct me to where they may be located?

I am also looking for a good way to provide page links like index.html has to the other pages.


Sorry, the contents of those files are entirely dynamically generated, not template based. The best idea I have is to write a script to modify the files following export. If you're up to writing an AppleScript, you could put it in your toolbar to make it better integrated.

As for links to other pages, the tokens we've provided for those paths will work from the template files we provide (index.html, ResourceTemplate.html, TaskTemplate.html). In other words, if you want to add a link from the Resource Report straight to the Task Report, you could just put this in ResourceTemplate.html:

<a href="{@TaskReportPath@}<img class="icon" src="include/tasks.png" alt="Task" />Task Report</a>
Those tokens are documented in the Help under "Customizing HTML templates".

If this isn't meeting your needs, we listen closely to feature requests, so please drop us a note at our feedback address (Use "Send Feedback..." under the Help menu, preferably).



Thanks for your response, a few points.

1. I program in assembly, C, RealBasic, html and some css. I am not an Apple Script programmer. If you have some suggestions that could get me well on my way I would greatly appreciate that.

2. I looked over several packages before I recently decided to purchase OmniPlan. Two of your competitors (Merlin and Concept Pro) have better Reporting capability that includes spreadsheet output. I exported to csv and brought this into Numbers and Excel to check the Resource Report values and create a simple spreadsheet that I can use to submit for grant applications. OmniPlan is weak in the output of meaningful data in this format. What attracted me to OmniPlan in this regard was that the export to csv worked better then the others which meant I could bring the data into Numbers or Excel and do what I want with it. However this is time consuming and prone to errors.

3. Having Report capabilities like that found in Quicken would dramatically change this.

4. Also very important is having the ability to enable users to modify the content layout for your particular business need so you can add Company Logo, Name, Confidentiality statements and etc. I spent hours in photoshop making png files and then writing html and modifying css code to html templates. As you identified this is only useful for *.html files not those complied when exporting. Something like RapidWeaver capability for the html output would be awesome.

5. Import dates from iCal (choose the Calendar you want in iCal) to create calendar exceptions.

6. Enable resizing of all info Pallets.

7. Lastly tying a planner or free thought drawing sheet or visual planning sheet such as Shared Plan Pro or ConceptDraw would be hugely beneficial especially if you could go back and forth between them.

OmniPlan is a good product, thats why I bought it. OmniPlan is more intuitive, at least to me, and is less prone to failures that I experienced using the other applications. I am using 10.6 and found this to be tied with Merlin as the most stable. In two days I created a multi faceted Project Plan for a major grant application using OmniPlan. Your program layout and functionality including the ability to use Address book, change work calendar exceptions and iCal output is huge. Add these features I suggested and this application will be leagues ahead of all others.

I would volunteer to beta test any time tomorrow.


The file format for the Gantt report is extremely straightforward -- it just tiles a bunch of jpg images from the "include" directory in the report. You could easily write a C program to spit out your own version, something like this:

main ()
  int pageRow, pageCol;
  int pagesLong, pagesWide;

  pagesLong = 2; /* a real program would figure this out by looking at the 
                            contents of the include directory */
  pagesWide = 2;

  printf("<html><body><table border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\">");

  for (pageRow = 0; pageRow < pagesLong; pageRow++) {
    for (pageCol = 0; pageCol < pagesWide; pageCol++) {
      printf("<td><img src=\"include/gantt");
      printf("%d,%d", pageCol, pageRow);
      printf(".jpg\" border=0/></td>");

  printf("<p class=\"footer\">Made&nbsp;by&nbsp;Plans and Widgets, Inc.</p>");
The timeline report is similar in construction.

Thanks for the snippet. This gives me a good start - thanks.

I was looking through the Customizing HTML templates help section and I did not notice any Path Tokens for index.html. I can always put "Previous Page" as a way to get back but that is not good programming. Is there a Path Token that will point directly to index.html for this project? This would make path control very easy to completely implement.


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