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Variable color for bullets and disclosure triangles Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I like to toggle between light and dark screen modes for editing in OmniOutliner. I find that the dark mode is the least distracting, and the best for quickly gathering and shaping first thoughts.

OO3's bullets, disclosure triangles and in-line editing cursors are, however, fixed at black, and disappear on a black screen background.

Even on a white screen, I would personally prefer gray bullets and triangles (i.e. slightly muted, one cognitive plane behind the text itself).

If non-black bullets and triangles would help your work too, do send a request (probably for oo4) through Help > Send Feedback in the OO menu.

FWIW the screen toggling script which I am using looks like this:

-- Cycle between a print mode, a light screen mode, and a dark screen mode
-- (The screen modes use larger characters)
property pVer : "0.2"

property pScreenSize : 18
property pPrintSize : 12

property pLightBackColor : {253, 246, 233}
property pLightForeColor : {102, 102, 118}

property pDarkBackColor : {0, 0, 0}
property pDarkForeColor : {203, 75, 22}

property pPrint : 1
property pLightScreen : 2
property pDarkScreen : 3
property plngState : 1

property pPrintFont : "Helvetica"
property pScreenFont : "Monaco"

property pBack : "text-background-color"
property pFore : "font-fill"
property pFont : "font-family"
property pSize : "font-size"

on run
	set plngState to plngState + 1
	if plngState > 3 then set plngState to 1
end run

on ToggleSize(plngState)
	tell application id "OOut"
		if (count of documents) < 1 then return
		if plngState = pPrint then
			set lstStyle to {pBack, pFore, {pFont, pPrintFont}, {pSize, pPrintSize}}
			set lstStyle to {{pFont, pScreenFont}, {pSize, pScreenSize}}
			if plngState = pLightScreen then
				set lstStyle to lstStyle & {{pBack, my FullDepth(pLightBackColor)}, {pFore, my FullDepth(pLightForeColor)}}
				set lstStyle to lstStyle & {{pBack, my FullDepth(pDarkBackColor)}, {pFore, my FullDepth(pDarkForeColor)}}
			end if
		end if
		tell style of front document
			repeat with oProp in lstStyle
				if class of oProp is list then
					tell attribute (item 1 of oProp) to set value to (item 2 of oProp)
					tell attribute oProp to set value to default value
				end if
			end repeat
		end tell
	end tell
end ToggleSize

on FullDepth({lngR, lngG, lngB})
	{lngR * 256, lngG * 256, lngB * 256}
end FullDepth
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Last edited by RobTrew; 2012-05-23 at 08:39 AM..
Another thing which I hope OO4 will get right,
and which others already are getting right

Alternation between light and dark color schemes (see Ethan Schoonover's 'Solarized' schemes, for example) requires bullets and other graphic impedimenta to have adjustable colours.

Bullets will simply vanish against black backgrounds if they are based on immutable black image files (as in OO3). Kazuhiro Kawana's Tree does this well bullets and other elements of screen furniture all display well against light or dark background colours, and printing to paper always uses a white background but OO3 is hard to use with a black background ...

OO3 bullets and disclosure triangles simply abandon us at dusk, and vanish into the night

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Last edited by RobTrew; 2012-07-09 at 02:55 AM..

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