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While investigating a subtle problem with 1Password 3.8.2 and OmniWeb 5.11, I found a note in the AgileBits forums about no 1Password support for OmniWeb on Lion, which led me to the "1Password extension and Lion" topic in this forum. (I'll be upgrading to Lion as soon as one key app makes the move.)

Although I did my own password management before 1Password, I can't imagine day-to-day use of a browser without the 1Password keyboard shortcut helping me login at various sites, especially those where I have numerous logins (e.g., Google accounts for many support clients).

I also can't imagine day-to-day use of a browser without OmniWeb's key features: Workspaces!!!, tab drawer, ad blocking, site-specific preferences, browser spoofing, ...

Google helped me discover SafariStand, a Safari extension that appears to offer an OmniWeb-like tab drawer and workspaces. I haven't tried it yet.

I imagine others share my desire for an OmniWeb-like experience on Lion. Let's use this topic to collect possibilities and real world experiences.

-- Ward

P.S. Upon re-reading this I realized I must make clear that I've been a committed fan of OmniWeb since 4.0.5 in November 2001. I also know that The Omni Group and AgileBits must focus their resources. So we're unlikely to see OmniWeb and 1Password on Lion any time soon.

Last edited by Ward; 2011-08-27 at 04:07 PM.. Reason: Add my P.S.
At the moment I haven't got any plans to upgrade to Lion and I have quite a bit of software that won't work on it and also due to the fact that to a certain extent lion is looking like its going towards iOS which I personally wouldn't want.
So I was wondering what problems you are having with OmniWeb and Lion? Also I don't use 1Password as I'm not worried about having a central focus for web log-ins. Instead I use password software on my MacBook and HTC phone that contain the details as well as personal log in details for various other things in my life.
If OmniWeb worked OK in Lion could you not find something similar to use in place of 1Password?
I have dabbled with OmniWeb in the past but recently Safari has been getting worse and worse and I changed to OW and persuaded many other mac user to do the same.
The 1Password app has (in Snow Leopard and earlier) very tight integration with OmniWeb (and Safari), which makes it almost painless to have hundreds of different usernames and passwords. There's an extra button in the toolbar that gets it to do its magic, and it stuffs the username/password/other details into the browser directly so that even an active keylogger would not be able to steal them. Unfortunately, the Apple-provided mechanism used for OmniWeb and older versions of Safari to do 1Password's bidding has been removed from Lion, and converting OmniWeb to use the Safari extension architecture is more work than can be economically justified. This leaves lovers of OmniWeb and 1Password in the difficult spot of deciding whether OmniWeb's features are more important than super-convenient password management, or if they should try to find a way to emulate OmniWeb's features in Safari or Firefox. Or just never move to Lion, although that isn't a practical long-term choice.
I don't think things are helped with a lot of these software programmes now that Apple won't let third party plug-ins be used anymore.
I have seen around the web a number of developers saying they weren't going to continue beyond Snow Leopard for that very reason.
In fact, as a result of that, I know of at least three people that have uninstalled Lion and gone back to Snow Leopard.
You might want to check this out. There are some 1Password alternatives there that you may or may not already have checked out that might do the same job for you and allow you to continue to use OmniWeb.
Last Pass seems to be quite a popular one to use. I might even have a closer look at it myself now.

Last edited by sportsman0811; 2011-08-28 at 11:21 PM..
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Unfortunately, the Apple-provided mechanism used for OmniWeb and older versions of Safari to do 1Password's bidding has been removed from Lion.
The reality is more subtle than this. Please see this post in the related thread:

Agile can make the extension work on Lion. They have chosen not to do so yet, so it's important you let them know you want it. That will give them business reasons to consider it.
Has everyone forgotten the existence of Apple's own built in password manager - Keychain? We did without 1Password for years using Keychain only and it's still there and works well. Just: Preferences -> Form Autofill Preferences -> Prompt to save usernames and passwords and you're connected to Keychain. Not quite as convenient as 1Password and doesn't have all the extras but it's good enough.
It doesn't work for managing passwords on my iPad and iPod touch...
wow, this REALLY sucks. I just switched back to OmniWeb about 2-3 months ago and have been digging it. I upgraded to Lion this morning, and just went to login to a site requiring 1password and noticed it ain't there. Googled and found this thread.

I'm in mourning.

Giving up 1password is simply not an option for me. I hate to do it, but if Omniweb can't support this, then I can't stay with Omniweb.

ok, just got done getting Google Chrome set back up, getting 1Password working with it in Lion, etc...

by the way, I went to the 1Password blog to see what they say about no longer supporting various browsers like OW. Yes, they could still do it now but they say that those hooks are going away so it makes no sense to dedicate development resources to providing a solution that is temporary. If true, I can completely understand that. They assert the issue is that these other browsers are not creating proper hooks on their end to allow this new framework to function.

I don't say this happily as I'm a huge fan of OmniGroup and own most of their products and use OmniFocus on my Mac and iPhone daily. But after switching back to Chrome, there is no question it's a much faster browser and I'm having less memory issues and less spinning beachballs. And that is what is so frustrating. If there's a more beautiful, function-rich browser than OmniWeb I've yet to see it. I LOVE the look and feel of the app, but the performance has grown long in the tooth and it obviously does not have the API structure to be viable going forward as currently constructed.

I'd be thrilled to see OmniGroup invest some resources into this app, and if they returned it to a paid app and brought it current so its performance was comparable to Chrome and I could use 1Password again, I'd pay $20 easily to use it.

But as it stands, I've got no choice but to walk away from this app. Hope I get to come back to it some day.

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