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Sync can duplicate auto-completing projects with due dates [Bug: Will be fixed] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I too have been trying to reproduce the problem with small, simple test tasks and projects, but need more time to get it pinned down.

It seems to maybe be related to some stuff in this thread too...

Just this morning, I finished my morning routine (repeating project), saw it auto-complete itself on my Mac, synced, went to work, synced my iPhone a couple times as I threw stuff into my inbox...

When I finally opened up my Mac at work a couple hours later, that repeating project had uncompleted itself, alongside tomorrow's version of the project. Maybe the iPhone is not recognizing my auto-completed projects correctly and is relabeling them as active?

It's a pain, because if I mark these zombie project as complete, they'll create unwanted duplicate copies (because each repeating project had already set up the next instance of itself the first/legit time I completed it). So I have to either delete the zombie project or delete the new duped project.

Either way, it makes my system feel messy. It's distracting to have to double check and make sure my system is behaving itself every time I move between iPhone and Mac, or start or complete a daily repeating project. :(
Trustworthy, if you can zip up your database and send it to the support ninjas, we can look at the chain of transactions and see what happened.

I thought I had a case where this had happened, but it turned out that I'd checked yesterday's copy of the action off on my Mac, checked it off on my phone this morning, and ended up with two copies of today's action when I synced the phone later today.

It may also be good to double-check that your phone has version 1.2.3 installed; if you still have an earlier version of the phone application, it may not have the auto-completing feature. That's a longshot, but it is a possibility.

I made an action group with one action. I set it to autocomplete when the action was checked off, and to repeat 1 minute after the completed date. Synced that to the phone, checked the action off, synced the phone, synced the mac.

Saw a new checked-off version of the group appear on the mac, with the new version under it. New version still repeats, still auto-completes.

Switched the group to repeat 1 minute after assigned date/time, instead of completed. Synced that to the phone. It had been a few minutes, so I checked it off four or five times on the phone, so it went from "overdue" to "due soon". Synced all that back to the Mac.

Got a bunch of new checked-off copies, but the uncompleted one was still repeating and autocompleting, and there weren't any dupes.
I'll attempt to send my database along later today.

Here are a couple observations I've made over the last couple days...

My problem is definitely iPhone related; I didn't sync my phone for a couple days and had zero problems. As soon as I sync'd my phone, a couple once-completed repeating projects popped back to life - overdue, but with all their tasks completed. Obviously these then transferred back over to my Mac the next time I sync'd that.

I think it must have something to do with timing. If I sync both devices immediately after completing a repeating daily project (trying to test and get screenshots), I can never seem to replicate the problem. I need to test more, but here's my latest suspicion/theory... If I, on my Mac, finish an auto-completing repeating daily project, and the next instance becomes active ~before~ the next time I sync my iPhone, the iPhone app will make the earlier version come back to life (with no uncompleted actions; just an overdue incomplete project alongside the correct 'current' iteration). I'll play around some more in an attempt to verify this.

Just FYI, I reinstalled the iPhone app earlier this week, just to make sure something didn't get messed up during the last upgrade. No effect.

Last edited by Trustworthy; 2009-05-29 at 05:19 AM..
I saw this problem for the first time today. For me it happened with Repeating items set to repeat on the Completed date.

I also saw a situation where if I made a change on my iPhone when OF was open on both iPhone AND Desktop, then clicked the Sync icon on the Desktop, the Sync didn't pick up the change just made on the iPhone.
Originally Posted by santra View Post
I also saw a situation where if I made a change on my iPhone when OF was open on both iPhone AND Desktop, then clicked the Sync icon on the Desktop, the Sync didn't pick up the change just made on the iPhone.
That's to be expected if the iPhone hasn't also done a sync before the Desktop sync happens. Do you have Auto-sync on or off? I recall at one point you were experimenting with it off.
I’m seeing some very strange behaviour in relation to a project I have set to repeat every day (mark complete when completing last item, repeat from completion date, start time 9AM, end time 9PM).

Whenever I complete the project and check the Planning Mode view, I can see that the project has indeed been re-created for tomorrow’s date, but by the time tomorrow rolls around I will often find that a second copy of the project has been generated, or that the project that was completed has now reappeared and is marked overdue, so I have the new project (for today) and an empty (all tasks completed), overdue project (for yesterday).

My best guess is that this has to do with syncing to OmniFocus for iPhone, which recently added support for repeating projects/tasks. Is it possible that, during the process of syncing, the iPhone app is marking the project as completed and generating its own repeated copy of the project in addition to the repeated copy already created by the desktop app? That would explain some but not all of the behaviour I’m seeing.
My suspicion would also be that this is sync related. I'd suggest emailing the ninjas using Help → Send Feedback. They can log the problem in the bug database, and may be able to suggest work arounds.

There has been much talk about this issue, and to my knowledge, no real solution or specific identification of what is causing the problem exactly.

Refer to this thread for more info.
Email sent to support.
With kevin's help, we've managed to figure out what's going on here. Okay, really, Kevin figured it out and told us what he found. :-)

When a repeating/auto-completing project with a due date assigned is completed on one machine before the deadline, but synced to another machine after the deadline, the second machine ends up with two copies of the project.

Bug's been triaged and assigned a high priority, needless to say...

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