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I just want to be able to see my 'due' tasks in a calendar-style view and have that available on my mac and my iphone.

I realize a GTD app and a calendar are two different concepts, but this isn't a calendar, it's just another way to view scheduled/due tasks. It would be handier to see this within OmniFocus rather than have to sync it, but until/if that happens, calendar sync is important to me.

I own the OmniFocus iPhone app too and while forecast is cool, it's not the same as a calendar view.
I'm about 3 months into OmniFocis, so pardon if I sound like a moron. Almost 2 years I read GTD, and it helped me immensely, then this summer I tried to create something on Numbers to track my time, but since discovered Things, which was too unwieldy for me, and then OmniFocus, which I love.

At first I used it all as long to-do list, but then learned how to use contexts, perspectives, etc.

But like most on this thread, I wanted to see what I had to do in a "Day View" so I found a script for it, and that helped. But then I realized I couldn't see it visually the way I can in iCal (which lacks much to be desired) but still, you can see what you have to do on a given day at a given time. OmniFocus for IPad's forecast view was cool, but still, I wanted to see actions for a given day, based on context.

So I found a script from simplicityisbliss which lets you create an "iCal" context, and you put your actions in that context (after installing the script), run the script, sync to iCal, and it works.

The only prob is that you have to put actions in that "iCal" context, but I already had other contexts for certain actions, such as "create a document" (I'm a writer) or "email contact." The script won't allow you to "nest" other contexts under your new "iCal" context, because it only reads "actions."

I did not want to have to manually duplicate an action simply to have it in iCal, and did not want to remove its present context which was essential for me on OmniFocus in terms of organizing how, I was going to get the action done.

I did not want to move the context to the "iCal" context on that day, just to be able to see it in my day view on actual Mac calendar. So I'm at a bit of a loss.

I'm not a geek, just a writer who's a little ADD-ish, so I don't know how to make actions show up on iCal without removing their primary contexts. If there was a way the script could "nest" contexts, such as OmniFocus and have a big parent context like "iCal" under which you could delegate the actions to the iCal context so that the "due" actions would show up on your calendar when you need to get it done, that would help.

Anyone know how to do this?

I was even thinking that if I could
sorry for the last line...I should have deleted it...
So, I think I've found an interim solution to getting my OmniFocus stuff onto my iCal calendar.

First, I went here:

I installed the app, then it tells you to set up a context you call 'iCal."

Before, I'd only had one "iCal" context set up, and I was trying to nest all my other contexts under it so they would go to my mac iCal calendar, but the script is set up to only read "actions."

But what I've done is, under every context I may potentially want to have an action pop up in iCal, I have added an "iCal" context as the last sub-context.

That way, once I have a list of actions under any context, the last one is the one I can put it into is my "iCal" context.

SO let's say I'm writing something, using scrivener, and I need to get a chapter done, and I want that chapter and the time period I'm going to work on it to pop up in my iCal calendar...

I have a context called "Work" then under it, a subcontext called "Writing" and under that one called "Scrivener." So now, under my "Scrivener" context, I have one called "iCal." If I want 3 chapters that I intend to work on for an hour over 3 days, under context I now just select: Work:Writing:Scrivener:iCal for that action (which is a chapter in my case) and all the chapters (with due dates and time durations) that I intend to show up on my i Cal calendar, and when you run the script (which will now be an icon in your customized toolbar) and sync with iCal, it will do so, and show up in iCal.
I need the spacial relationship of a visual calendar along with Omni focus. I also really liked that (for a short period) reminders worked with omni.

The calendar gives a spatial overview then omni gives the details.
Nothing complicated here. I have a one man law office. I prefer being able to look at one screen to see what's next. Omnifocus badges don't do it for me, nor does a long list of different colored to-dos. Just a list of everything that's due in the next X days. And if I could get a daily email digest (at a time I choose, not the default 8 am that seems vogue) that would be perfect.
What is the range of values of X? Your desired daily email digest has just the actions due that day, or what?

A refurbished 16 GB iPad with a copy of OmniFocus for iPad gives you a nice forecast view for values of X up to 7, plus access to your tasks in a mobile format. Pick up a copy of my buddy MacSparky's iPad at Work book and you'll probably find many more uses for it. Omni is working on bringing the forecast view to the Mac application, but it's difficult to make plans based on when they'll deliver unless the item in question is already in beta test, and it isn't.
I have bought and deleted numerous programs. The only 2 that work for me are Omni Focus and to a lesser extent Busy Cal. I love Busy Cal's layout and ease of use. I love the weather app and the easy to use todo list on the side. It is very easy to add items and quick. What isn't working for me is Busy Cal's not having an I Pad app or one for I phone. What they offer is very weak. I have yet to figure out what it decides to sync with Focus.
I need a calendar that lets me take my Focus thoughts and plug them into a calendar. I have meetings that need to be scheduled but mostly it is projects that it need to get done.
My bottom line is that Omni should create a calendar. It is the only way to Focus will integrate well. Omni has a great I pad and phone system that works well. I am sure the brainpower at Omni will do a calendar to equal Focus.

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I don't ever really like using to-do's in a calendar program. Most calendar programs have very basic task list features that are bested suited for simple lists.

For things such as projects and areas of responsibilities, I lean more on my task manager, OmniFocus.

I couldn't stand seeing a huge to-do list in the side column.

If I wanted to block time on my calendar for a project or task, I'll go to BusyCal and create an appointment with a title pertaining to the project such as:

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Motorcycle repair

Then in OmniFocus, I'll have all the project sub-tasks listed out. Tasks like "Buy new handlebars @ auto shop" or "install handlebars @ motorcycle" will be listed out.

I've found it to be a headache when I try to "schedule" specific tasks. Things never work out that way for me. I'll go to the auto shop and find out that they don't have a part I need and then I'll end up having to go to another auto shop to find that part. I had originally budgeted 30 minutes for the auto shop visit suddenly turned into 2 hours as I search high and low for said part.

I was reading another book called "Master Your Workday Now". In that book, the author states that most folks are usually concerned about the next 7 days in advance. That is their primary focus. This was key in overcoming my hangup that I should have a calendar that lists all my tasks. I realized that I didn't really care about anything beyond the next 7 days. The forecast mode in my iPhone and iPad version of OmniFocus works best in seeing the next 7 days.

If I really wanted to look past 7 days, I'll switch over to review mode in OmniFocus and look further into the future. The Weekly Review is often the best time for me to remind myself of what is just coming up over the horizon.
The core principle to GTD is "trusted system," a way of working that gives you a high degree of comfort that your organizational efforts and prioritization within OF or another GTD engine are going to come to your attention and not get lost.

To me that means they have to end up in my choice of gmail or google calendar or, optionally, another cloud-based service that I can access from desktop, laptop, netbook, iPad, Android or a tin can and string without having to have a native OF client.

That, in a nutshell, is why OF is a fail--it ties you to the Mac client. Although it's fairly agnostic in capturing input, it's waay too restrictive in spitting out the basics: "call so-and-so today" or "if you happen to be running an errand, don't forget to pick up the cleaning." This leads to GTDitis, the substitution of planning for action, that we are all too susceptible to in the first place.

If OG isn't going to be making this a feature and isn't going to be exposing an API, that's fine -- say so and be done with it, please.

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