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I did quite a bit of work in Visio technical and latest Visio when I was Windows based. I'm completely fed up with trying import all the VDX drawings I exported before I got rid of the windows machines, but I still have all the original drawings and stencils I used.

To be honest, I tried OG and didn't like the fact that there weren't enough "technical" stencils like electronics, dimensioning, callouts, title blocks, etc.

So I went to ConceptDraw (big mistake), their product, while having the ability to create more technical documents, just isn't stable, I have now backed down a version and reloaded backups for the last time.

I just learned that your new version 5 will read and write Visio binaries for drawings and stencils, and since I still have all my old stuff I'm thinking of making the plunge, your product has always been stable, I had upgraded to OGP 4.0 and liked it (except for the lack of technical stencils), so I'm thinking of upgrading again, if it will import my stuff.

So, do I just download the demo? Will it do all the same imports as the real deal? And how do i load it so it doesn't overwrite my existing version of OGP? Or is it somehow "crippled" in the demo mode?

Anxiously awaiting your answer!
You can download the app but it is limited to the number of items you can use (20 I think). If you open a previously created document containing more items than the limit, it will still open but it will be read-only. However, if you go to the OmniGroup store, you can obtain free 24 hour licences to test out their apps in full (you can use as many of these as you like within reason, so long as they don't run on concurrent days - I think there has to be 36 or 48 hours between the expiry of each 24 hour licence).

Installing the latest version will not overwrite the old version and you can use them side-by-side if you want to. Just be sure to save modified files as new files rather than overwriting so that you can revert back to 4 without any issues if you need to.
One correction: as of version 5, OmniGraffle switched to a 'try it for two weeks, then it expires' system.
Brian, JKT,
Thanx for the reply, tried the new version, it will open my drawings, but they come in as a ?jpg?, that is I can see the old visio drawing, but I can't ungroup it or edit any of the components, it is just "there".
I also can not import any of the VDX files I originally saved, I just get a new blank page with the name of the file I imported. Tried this with several VDX files, got the same result each time, got same result with version 4.2.3. So it looks like I'm not upgrading anytime soon.
Our importer wouldn't convert the files to JPGs - there's something wacky going on. Can you send the files in question to our support ninjas (at so we can try to straighten out what's going on here?
Drawings and stencils on the way to you
Quick question, so what versions of Visio are supported? I have been trying to open a VDX file saved in Visio 2003, but I keep getting the error that states "The document <document name> could not be opened. Master contains no shapes"

Does anyone have any information on this?
Visio 2003 and 2007 are the versions we try hardest to support.

We've received a couple of other reports of that error—*we're looking into it, but we don't have a fix yet.
Haven't heard back since I sent you the stencils.
Anything happening there??
Well, I immediately replied back in May about some file extension issues with one of the files, that all said, a quick note to let you know that the new OmniGraffle Professional 5.1 handles the EMFs in the files you sent in quite nicely indeed, and 5.1 has reset the trial period so you can fully test again for another 14 days.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"

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