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Hi All,

Is it possible to add a milestone that will be complete 2 weeks after a prerequisite task?

e.g. I'm tracking a game I'm making on the AppStore and know that the waiting time for approval for updates is currently 14 days... I'd like to add a 14 day waiting time to the end of any tasks I do before an update submission so I'll know when the earliest time I should be able to submit a new update...

Is that possible with milestones?

I'd like this, too. In my case, the situation is that I've sent something for sign-off (milestone: 'x sent for sign off'), so I need to leave at least x number of days for the review to happen before the next milestone of 'x signed off'.

The only way I can see of doing this at the moment is to put in a task of 'client sign off' and using it to connect the milestones, but this skews the effort calculation on my side.
These sorts of things can be done with the lead time functionality. For example:

A comment on the OP's interchangeable use of "2 weeks" and "14 days" -- you may not get the results you expect unless you have set your conversion factors accordingly; they default to 1 week being 5 work days, not 7. See this thread for more details:
Ah, thanks for that. Works a treat.
Thanks for the tip on lead times. They do seem to work *almost* as I was hoping... :)

The problem I'm having is: I've edited the resource availability so that there's basically a 14 day gap where no resources will be available, but I'd like the "wait time" to still function without taking that into account. In other words, if I'm waiting for something from someone else, it doesn't matter if I don't have any resources to work on a task... Is that possible using lead times?

When I try it on my particular plan, the lead time pads out 14 days, but not 14 calendar days, but instead 14 "resource" available days...

And thanks for the heads up on 2w vs. 14d... I'm sure that would have bit me at some point. ;)
I think that the lead time pushes it out by however much time in overall project availability units. Note that this is not necessarily the same as the availability of the resource. If I set up a half-day-long action for Thursday, and a milestone with a 3 day lead time connected to it with a Finish->Start dependency, with the default settings, that milestone shows up mid-day Tuesday, which is 3 days on the project work schedule later. Even if all my resources are listed as unavailable, that's when the milestone will appear, because it isn't dependent on a resource. If I set the normal work week for the project to be 7 days a week in the resource calendar editor, the milestone will end up mid-day Sunday, which again is 3 days on the project work schedule later -- even if all of the resources are listed as working only M-F!

Another way of delaying something is to make a task to occupy the delay, and assign it to a material resource called Delay or Time (be sure to allocate plenty of units if you might have overlapping delays). Again, you'll need to exercise some care with the availability/scheduling of that resource's work week if you want the clock to run while everyone is loafing at home on the weekends.

If that didn't answer your question, maybe you could upload an example of what you're trying to do?
Thanks for the reply. I did end up figuring out that my lead time was getting pushed out b/c I'd modified the overall project schedule instead of my resource. Makes sense in a way...

It would be nice to be able to set delays for tasks that have nothing to do with your resources or schedule and work on a more strict calendar-based system... Like my example of knowing that it takes Apple 14 days to approve something based on what day you finish the task. Maybe something for the suggestion box? :)
Definitely send in the suggestion with Help->Send Feedback. It may be that there's an easier way to accomplish it than what I suggested, too. I'm not sure if there is a case where setting the project work schedule to 7 days a week is detrimental, other than having a project where you wanted some delays to count weekend days and other delays not to count weekend days.

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