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I've just gotten started using OmniFocus, and am having some trouble.
I have several projects set up. When I add a text clipping to a project, the entire clipping shows under that project to the right. I'd like to be able to add a title to this clipping, and just show the title. Upon clicking on the title, then I'd like to see the entire clipping.
Right now, it tells me I can expand the note, but I see no way to collapse it or add a title. I thought of adding the title as the first sentence of the note, but that still would not collapse the note. Since my clippings can be rather long, I'd have to scroll down a lot to find the note I'm looking for, and even then the titles would be harder to identify as they would be mixed in with the note, even if I added a space.
I have been using Yojimbo, which makes it very easy to add notes, and starts off by asking me for a title, which is separate from the note. When I open a project, all I see are the titles of the notes, which is great (I can easily have 20+ notes for each project).
I like the features of OmniFocus, but this one feature has me going back to Yohimbo when I need to add a note in a hurry, rather than using OmniFocus like I want to do.

Any suggestions?

Should I start out under a project by using "add action", adding my title, then choosing "Expand note" to add my actual note?

This does exactly what I was looking for, so I assume this is the desired way to accomplish what I wanted?

Yes, that's how I do it. Use the note for as much additional material as you want. However, if a note is not an action, but reference or support material, I tend to keep it in another program and link to it from OmniFocus.
Thanks Brian-

I'm actually not using actions much. I wanted to use OmniFocus to keep notes on projects I have.
I'm a web developer, and for each client I want to make a project, mostly for keeping notes, clippings and emails. After watching the videos, OmniFocus seemed more geared for "to do" items, but I thought It would work for this as well, plus the fact that I used to use OmniGroup products many years ago, when OS X was still a baby, and I had a really good experience with them :)
I'd like to keep track of some items that need to have a due date, so things such as "due","completed" & "flagged" also appealed to me (something Yohimbo didn't seem to have), but honestly keeping notes on particular projects and being able to access them quickly is my main concern.
I still haven't figured out a "best practice" for using "context", but It seemed like I could put it to good use once I spent some time and became more familiar with the software.
If it only had some sort of simple timer that I could attach to a particular project, I'd be in heaven (This program keeps time, this one keeps invoicing, this one notes, this one files... The more consolidating I can do the better!).

Thanks again for the info- I've watched the movies, looked through the forums, so now It's time to find the time to go through the manual :)
If you're not specifically looking for a GTD or to-do list application, you might also consider OmniOutliner. It has some crossover with OmniFocus (lists/outlines, checkboxes, columns for dates, etc), but it's more flexible and probably better suited for general purpose note keeping and such.

But I'm not trying to dissuade you from OmniFocus, of courses -- it has its advantages as well. Just keep in mind that OmniFocus is designed primarily to manage to-do lists.


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Thanks for the info :)

I actually looked at this, but the features in omnifocus were more in line with what I was looking for (projects, etc... Actually, the task and to do stuff is what I found Johimbo lacking, and why I'm looking at OmniFocus).
Now that I've had a little bit of time to look more into it, the better I'm liking it. In fact, I was just about to spend a few minutes going over the manual to get a better idea of how things work :)
I think you've made a fine choice, shadowfax007. OmniFocus is one of my favorite apps. I probably use it more than any other app on my Mac too. :-)


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