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Date Parsing: Natural Language, Relative Date Options Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by xmas View Post
the allowed abbreviations are the first 3 letters, by locale.
thanks for the info
The post about dates would be helpful to place in the Help documentation.
For instance, the dates fields do not appear to allow you to mix natural language dates with exact times.

Create a task - and type into "Due Date" "Tommorrow 8:00AM or Thursday 8AM" The date is populated with 12/31/00 12:00AM. In order to achieve that I actually have to type in "1/11/08 8:00AM or 1/17/08 8:00AM."

Is that expected behavior or a bug?

Sounds like some sort of bug, as both of those examples worked as expected for me.
renamed this thread to be slightly more informative at a glance.
I do also have problems in OF 1.0. If I type 1-2-08, OF understands 8th of February 2001, instead of 1st of february 2008. If I type 1-2, OF converts the date to 2nd of January instead of 1st of February.

In the "International" system preference, I have selected Australian english in Language, Australia is selected in Formats (no customization) and Spanish is selected in Input Menu. In both Australia and Spain, 1-2-08 is 1st of February 2008, and 1-2 is 1st of february.

Any suggestions?
Choosing the appropriate month-day-year sequence based on your locale is quite challenging, as it is hard to know exactly what you mean.

We have some bugs open on this already, and I refer to this thread whenever I work on dates to make sure I'm addressing issues.

As sneaky peaks aren't going out every 3 hours for a while, we'll let you know when the next round of fixes goes in.
This is a quibble, and only mildly annoying. I did run this by the support ninjas, and they said that this was the expected behavior for dates. I wonder if the group reading this agrees.
The problem comes when adding weeks to a date found by typing the day abbreviation. For example, today, a Thursday, when I type "fri+1w", what I expect is that the next Friday will be selected (tomorrow, 4/4) and 1 week will be added, giving Friday, 4/11 (national information day?). Instead, I get the week following that, or 4/18. Going a bit further:

Today (Thu, 4/03)
Fri+1w = 4/18 but Fri1w = 4/11
Sat+1w = 4/19, but Sat1w = 4/12
Sun+1w = 4/13 = Sun1w
Mon+1w = Mon1w = 4/14

The same thing happens with "+1d" and "1d" and
"+1m" and "1m".
It seems that the + sign is adding an extra week when the day is during the current week, but not if the next occurrence is in the next week.
I'm actually pleasantly surprised that the "fri1w" construction works at all, and interested that it works differently than the "+1w"--seems like they should be the same. It also seems to me that there should be some way for me to get to 4/11 by using the "+" sign, and I have found no formula that does it. "Fri+0w" gives me no date at all, indicating, properly, that it's not a valid date.

Overall, however, I feel that when we're complaining about stuff like this, I would take that as a good sign!

btw--this is version 1.0.1
the allowed abbreviations are the first 3 letters, by locale.
I do have the german localization and following issues:
sat, mon, fri doesn't work
none of the 3 letters german abbreviations for weekdays works
2d don't work (2w and 2m works)
"heute"=today works
"morgen"=tomorrow don't work (jumps to 01.01.2008)

These issues appeared with the localized versions.
Yeah. The inconsistencies with date parsing prompted me to just enter the desired date as MyBrainDateFunction > OF date calcs.

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