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I am a former Things user and just switched to OmniFocus. The flexibility and completness of the feature is what brought me over. The one feature that I desperately miss is the ability to quickly organize a list of tasks to do today. I don't see an easy way to do this with OF. I don't want to have to set due dates. Instead I'd like to review all open projects and pick the ones I want to work on today. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this with OF? If you are familiar with Things, you simply drag tasks to the "today" list. I'm looking for something that simple with OF.

Use flags to indicate what to do "Today".
Originally Posted by jjlucsy View Post
Use flags to indicate what to do "Today".
Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is only one flag to use so then I can't use flags for anything else. Plus tasks that are scheduled for today won't automatically be flagged for me.
Originally Posted by ebalassanian View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is only one flag to use so then I can't use flags for anything else. Plus tasks that are scheduled for today won't automatically be flagged for me.
True, only one flag. Tho, you can flag it while you process it. The flag doesn't affect how it shows up while being scheduled. In other words, it won't show up in flagged until it actually starts. Er, then again, I'm thinking of the iPhone client. Not sure about the desktop version, tho I'm fairly certain it follows the same rules.
Originally Posted by ebalassanian View Post
Plus tasks that are scheduled for today won't automatically be flagged for me.
The OmniFocus 1.6 sneaky peeks solve this by letting you view a single list of all items which are either Flagged or Due.
The 1.6 sneakypeek added a "due or flagged" filter in the context view to be like the flagged+auto-add-to-today thing. If you like that way of of running OF you certainly can.

I would recommend also watching the video on the OF front page, though - I personally think that it is a lot less fiddling than to add dates or flags all the time.
Okay where does one find this Omnifocus 1.6 sneaky peak?
I switched back to OmniFocus from Things last weekend and, the great app that Things is, I still glad that I did. I was never negative towards Things on the forums but I now have more control over my actions.

My advice to anyone switching back is to maintain the workflow that you were using on Things (I've set up a couple of perspectives, detailed in the 'Applying Omnifocus' forum which are very effective at mirroring and are even more useful than the Next & Today lists in Things. When setting these perspectives, it's also nice to hide everthing such as toolbars and the context list. It provides a really clear focus.) Also, experiment with styling to achieve a more satisfying UI - particularly for completed items where setting a grey background gives something akin to the Things display.
Finlay Boo:

I want to thank you for your post in the other forum on the two perspectives that you created to mimic and enhance the Next and Today focuses in Things. I had previously set up the Next one myself, but had not installed the sneaky peek and tried the Today perspective. Now I have and it is working great! I have not yet switched back from Things to OF, but I am now running both and gradually bringing my OF database up to current status.

When I switched from OF to Things about 6 months ago, my reasoning was that Things seemed to be much simpler and offered features that appealed to me (like the Today focus and Teammates) plus features that were missing from OF (like more robust scheduling options). What I learned while using Things was that its less flexible setup helped me clarify my workflow and how I wanted my tasks and projects to be presented to me. Before switching, OF offered so many options that I could not decide what I needed or wanted. Now I have a better developed workflow and concept of desired output, and the greater flexibility and features in OF are bringing me back.

However, I haven't made the final decision yet. I am compiling a comparison of deficiencies for Things vs. OF that are of concern to me. Right now it's pretty close. (Maybe something to post in the near future.) As is often mentioned, the competition should improve both apps - the question is who will be the best for my needs and when will one app get "close enough" for me to make the final (?) decision.

Thanks again!

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