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Call for OmniGraffle stencil requests Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
In general, it seems like it would be helpful if those folks asking for stencils for XYZ could post links to pages showing lists of useful symbols for doing XYZ. Someone else looking for an OmniGraffle learning project but not knowing beans about XYZ could have a look and see if it looked to be an interesting exercise, and have some confidence that if they did a good job, the result might actually be of some use. In other words, help others help you!
I agree with you 100%. When I posted my request...I tried to attach a file (39Kb) as an example...but the forum restricts PDF files to 19KB or less. Pretty tight! I'll try to squeeze the file somehow. Would be nice if we could up the attachment size limit. Anyone know a way around that one?

Well, you can post a link to the PDF file, if you found it on a website somewhere. Or put it on a website (got a Dropbox account?) and post a link. Failing that, open it up in Preview, get a screen capture of the window content with cmd-shift-4, then upload the screen capture to or similar file hosting site and post the link to that.
I add the URL links for the example symbols. Thx.
Originally Posted by hplevyak View Post
I'm doing some electrical schematic / wiring work for aircraft. I would love to see Omnigraffle with a stencil set for aviation related electrical schematic diagrams.

Is anyone aware of this? ...

I created a good stencil for ladder logic electrical schematics, which I used to create a diagram for a BMW motorcycle electric system:
(oops, the URL is disallowed since I am new, will post later)(or google and see the Tech page)
I too was surprised to find no stencils already available.
I want to submit my stencil to GraffleTopia, but there are some annoying bugs, which I have reported:
-the connection points of a grouped object, like a simple NO Switch, do not nicely snap to grid, so wiring it up can be a pain.
-the "selection perimeter" around some grouped objects is sometimes so large that you have to temporarily move it away in order to select something else.

But my friends are very pleased with the final diagram I made with OmniGraffle.

Would it not be Omnifocus you would be better to use for such an application?

I've used Omnifocus to good effect since I moved to the Mac platform full time and it's excellent for organising all manner of information and showing its structure.

In this latter respect I found it slightly more useful than Notebook which is my all time favourite since the demise of Lotus Organiser which I had used under Windows and OS/2.


Originally Posted by sik View Post

I've been using omnioutliner for a while, and now I want to use omnigraffle to organize my notes regarding the research papers I've been reading. My idea is to be able to categorize the papers by the author, relate them with notes, introduce the most important abstracts, use colors to map which papers applies each methodology, etc...

Summing up, get a visual map of what I've been doing such amount of time to be able to plan my writting

Does anyone use some kind of stencil for that application?

cheers, sik
I would like to echo the request for "smart stencils" a la the smart shapes in Visio that allow for a single stencil to have multiple states -- such as checked, unchecked, enabled, disabled, etc. It's a very handy feature when wireframing web- and mobile-based interfaces.

This would go a long way in terms of bringing Omnigraffle neck-and-neck with Visio, and ease the transition of folks who are migrating from that software to Graffle.

Another call for a cross-functional business process flow stencil (aka swimlane stencil).

There doesn't seem to be anything in Graffletopia and it's a total pain to create swimlane process flows in Omnigraffle compared to Visio...

While I accept you can import a Visio process flow and edit it, you lose all the capabilities around smart editing of swimlanes and shapes.
Originally Posted by Brian Williams View Post
I appreciate the new maps in v5, but the most needed world map is not there. I tried to scale some of the ones that are included; too much hassle.'
Can I request a world map?
Hi, new to this forum. Loving Omnigraffle, but need a world map... does anyone know if Brian's request from a while ago was solved with any newer templates? I'm using OmniGraffle Pro 5.4.2, ideally need the whole world on one map.

Many thanks
i think it'd be useful to use our (users) searches from the stencils window and create blocks for the most common searches.

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