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Am I correct by looking at your list that fragments are all that's needed?

For example, you have "/phpAdsNew" but I thought I needed to account for the rest of the string as in ".*/phpAdsNew/.*"

Also, then you include slashes and the wildcard in "/.*\.falkag\..*/" -- why is this? Just curious, so I can write more compact rules from myself.

And to answer your question, I was blocking the ads on dpreview with ".*/adverts/.*"

I think we need to include text ads (like those blogads) in the blocking since there's so many of them these days and they can be real obtrusive.

I try to make my expressions correct so I'd normally do:


but you can just use fragments, OmniWeb will match them. Or should at least.
Thanks JKT. By using the web inspector I was able to target several new instances for zapping via css.

It's a little tricky for iframes, as you usually click the sub-document instead. By carefully clicking an edge, I was able to get the code.
You can use the arrows at the top of the inspector palette to move through the various levels of code.
Yeah, it's really helpful.

But it won't get you out of an iframe... if you click right on it, you're in the hierarchy of the subdocument, and can't jump to the parent. Fortunately, you can just click an item AFTER the iframe, and then navigate to the code.
Originally Posted by Handycam
Am I correct by looking at your list that fragments are all that's needed?
Yes. This is how regular expressions work. You don't need to match the whole string. If the string you state is part of the string it is compared to, it matches.

Placeholders are only needed if you have unknown "content" between two or more parts of your expressions. Say, you have a site hat uses ads in different dirs, but the ads are all gifs whose name begins with "ad". You could use "*/ad.*\.gif".

Generally, "ad" matches the same as ".*ad.*".
Where would I be able to download prior versions of OW? (ie: OW Beta2)
I'm pretty sure they're pulled when the newer version comes out. Also, the older versions typically expire.
I don't recommend running older versions but non expiring releases can be found in our ftp archive:

releases are categorized by the earliest supported version of OS X.

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