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Today my iPhone App cannot get further than the "Loading" bar. I have turned the phone on and off, moved to different apps, but every time I come back to OF there is a static Loading bar. Could this be caused by the latest update to the desktop application? I am using MobileMe, by the way. In recent weeks, apart from the slowness, things have been going well.
This problem persisted for three days and I was unable to use the iPhone application. I have solved the issue by

1) Deleting the application from the iPhone and then syncing with iTunes
2) Re-enabling the application in iTunes in the Applications tab of the phone menu.

The application now seems to be working normally.
I had the same exact problem. I deleted and reinstalled the app on my iphone and it seems to work fine now. Thanks for the heads up!


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Now five days later and the same thing has happened. OF for iPhone is stuck on opening and the application appears to be locked. I am going to delete from the phone and reinstall.

For the past week I have also been having many problems with synchronisation with MobileMe (see my other thread on the subject).

I do appreciate that the synchronisation between the iPhone and Mobile Me is in development and Omni are working hard to resolve problems with the Sneakypeak version of the desktop application. Up to two weeks ago I would have said we were getting somewhere; but now we are going backwards. I will persist, but the combination of iPhone OF and desktop is not usable at the moment. There are far too many problems on a regular basis--not least of which is the slowness of opening even when things are otherwise working well. So far, OF iPhone is not a quick-on place to store ideas and actions. It's quicker to send an email to the desktop, which is quite something to say.

It would be nice to get some views from Omni on the current problems since I am sure I am not alone.

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For the record, I have again experienced the frustration of OF iPhone freezing on the "loading" bar. My only solution is to delete OF from the phone, reboot the phone, sync, reapply OF in Applications. Then it works.

Since there has been no official comment from Omni on this issue I am assuming it is a known problem and will be addressed in the next version of OF for iPhone. Any views anyone?
We've had a couple reports of this. It might be something easy to fix by unregistering some stale client files (through the sync preferences pane of OmniFocus for Mac). Or it might be something more sinister. Emailing our Support Ninjas is the best way to get things sorted out again. (
Same problem here; it just seems that syncing precipitously takes longer and looooonger. How can I watch streaming video on my iPhone, but have to wait 5 minutes for a single checked task to sync in OF?! A bit counterintuitive for a "time saving app".
I really appreciate the Omni Group, but OF is not quite ready for prime time. Maybe I had too high of hopes for OF mobile . . . after all I put the icon in the permanent task bar :rolleyes:
I've had stale clients and have deleted them, but I can see no association between stale clients and the locking. It's a complete freezing of the iPhone app and it isn't even possible to exit by using the home button. You have to switch off the phone.

Incidentally, I do appreciate that we're still using a pre-release version and that we can't expect everything to be perfect. I think all these comments are intended to be constructive in helping you develop the best possible sync solution.
It would be helpful if the folks that are encountering this could provide as much information as possible in their reports. It's possible that folks in this thread are actually having different problems.

The first thing OmniFocus does when starting up is show a static screenshot of a grey screen with an empty Loading bar. Freezing at this point indicates that one set of possible problems.

Next, assuming you have Auto-Sync enabled in preferences, we query the network and start pulling your sync data down. The first 75% of the loading bar reflects this process. Freezes during this part of the process indicate a second set of possible problems.

During the last 25% of the Loading bar, we're doing work on the phone, reconciling the transactions pulled down from the server with the ones that already exist on the phone. Freezes or crashes here indicate a third set of possible problems.

Stale client files could cause problems in the second or third stage, depending on the user. If you're syncing two devices, that would be the first thing I'd check.

Now, OmniFocus for Mac is currently benefiting from a change that the iPhone version does not have. It's designed to help folks that sync between three or more machines by making it easier for OmniFocus to remove transaction files from their server database.

That change could also help folks that are hitting problems in the second or third stages I mentioned above. It is important to note that the change would not help folks that are freezing in the first stage, and it's not going to help folks that are not syncing, or that are syncing fewer than 3 devices.

We'll release a new build of the iPhone app as soon as we can. In the meantime, the steps mentioned in this post may help:
Keeping Sync Speedy

Now, this is the part where I disclose that I'm going to be out of the country for the next three weeks, starting tomorrow. I'm planning to check the forums while I'm away - it's a working vacation - but folks that want guaranteed help with problems like this should send email to the support ninjas; we've hired several in the last couple of weeks, so that avenue of support is much less dire than it was a month ago.

I am getting the freezing with an empty "Loading..." bar, as described by other in this thread. A few more details:

* I have auto-sync disabled, so I assume the freeze is not related to anything on the network.
* I am just syncing between my Mac and my iPhone (no 3rd machine). I had stale clients created a while ago, but removed those since then.

Please let me know if I can provide you with more information to debug this one.


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