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Anyone having issues with OmniGraffle 5.2 crashing? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Hi there,

Just recently my MacBook Pro has crashed twice while using OmniGraffle. Basically while I'm doing something in OmniGraffle the whole screen flickers back for a second and then freezes. Eventually I have no choice to shut down my system by holding down the power key.

I can't be sure if it OmniGraffle causing the problem or if it's another programme or even if it's just my mac. But I wanted to get everyone's thoughts. Personally I don't think it is OmniGraffle, as it seems a bit severe.

Is anyone experiencing this problem while using OmniGraffle? Is there anything I can do to get a crash report to the Omni Group?

Many thanks for your time,

Kind regards,
If you could send in a Console log to it would be greatly appreciated.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
I'm getting a lot of crashes under 10.6 (OmniGraffle v5.2), frequently whenever I switch away from OG to another app or Finder.

I have been sending bug reports each time it happens...
same issue - mostly happens when copy/pasting objects. screen flickers black and system becomes unresponsive with nothing to do. depending on the number of objects it sometimes recovers (one box for example) after waiting long enough, with more objects, no way.

edit: macbook pro 15", 2.53 GHz, 4GB, 10.5.8, OG 5.2 (v138.9.0.117994)
No crashes in long heavy use on a Powerbook 17 (1.5 GHz) with lots of drag and drop into open windows.
My copy of OmniGraffle Pro (5.2.1) has been rendered completely unusable/ unstartable- I was working on moving/ reordering some graphics in a subgraph when the program crashed. I have attempted restarting the program/ reinstalling/ trashing whatever preference files I could find to no avail. It doesn't matter if I try to open the original offending file or not. I even installed Omnigraffle (basic)- the troublesome file will open, but the subgraph details are not available. Using OG/ OG Pro on a Intel MacBook Pro. Other Omni programs work fine.
I'm very sorry for the trouble this is causing! If you contact the support ninjas, we'd love to investigate this with you.
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
I'm very sorry for the trouble this is causing! If you contact the support ninjas, we'd love to investigate this with you.
Posting for anyone else having a similar problem: The ninjas suggested I trash an autosave version of the file that initially crashed. This solved the issue. Be sure to empty the trash before starting OG.
I have the same issue and deleting the file does not help at all. After opening my file and trying to add a new line somewhere I immediately get a popup window with "Error (1000) creating CGSWindow". The Window freezes. I never had such a problem with version 4.x.

add on:
Besides I created a small diagram with roughly 30 boxes or so. The file is spectacular 330KB of size! Version 4.2.3 has about 50MB, Version 5.x is at 130MB - why? what have you done to omni graffle, guys???

Last edited by ollix; 2010-05-31 at 04:31 AM..
Originally Posted by ollix View Post
Besides I created a small diagram with roughly 30 boxes or so. The file is spectacular 330KB of size! Version 4.2.3 has about 50MB, Version 5.x is at 130MB - why? what have you done to omni graffle, guys???
Added a bunch of substantial features...but a lot of what you see there is just the localizations for various languages, at roughly 10 MB each (remember, that's a whole set of stencils, documentation, images for the help facility, etc. in each language). I see Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Italian in addition to English. If you are short on disk space, you can download an English-only copy from the Downloads page which slices away more than half of that footprint. Control-click and select Show Package Contents on the OmniGraffle application if you want to see all the pieces that add up to 100+ MB.

As for the document file size, the data is stored in XML format, allowing you to easily read it yourself if necessary, but at the expense of having the smallest possible file size. There are options in the Document inspector to have it compress the file on the disk which will typically make the file much smaller. Also included is a QuickLook preview image of the document so that the QuickLook feature works. If memory serves, OG 4 files don't have that, so there's another contribution to the apparent growth of file sizes, and again that is an option that can be disabled on a file-by-file basis if you have no need for the QuickLook support. The QuickLook preview is likely at least half of your file size, in this case!

I made a sample file by adding all 16 shapes from the Shapes stencil to a blank canvas, duplicating the array for a total of 32 objects, connecting each one to the next shape, and saving. Resulting file was about 320 KB. Turning off the QuickLook preview shrank it down to 40 KB. Turning on the document compression option got it down to 4 KB (minimum block size for this disk, the file is actually only 2,987 bytes). Turning on the document preview swelled it up to 160 KB. Seems pretty reasonable to me...

As for help with your crasher, I'm sure Omni would appreciate getting a copy of the file along with directions on how to make it crash, and you can send it by using Help->Send Feedback in the application, which will offer to include the document, and report exact version information of the application. If you get crash reports, I'm sure they would appreciate getting them as well. You're also guaranteed a response if you use Help->Send Feedback, but not with a forum post.

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