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$40? Seriously? [OmniFocus for iPad Pricing Feedback] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I paid for OF via Ipad. Do I have to pay an additional $40 to download it to / use it on my Imac?
Originally Posted by newtronan View Post
I paid for OF via Ipad. Do I have to pay an additional $40 to download it to / use it on my Imac?
Hi Newtronan,

Unfortunately yes, and I'm afraid it's not an additional $40 but $80, see this link.

There's a two week free trial of the desktop program, which even if you didn't decide to keep it, should allow you time to do your initial entering and set up any perspectives you might want.

If the combined $120 falls outside your budget, Omni does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on it's Apps.

Sorry not to be more helpful. :(
EndofQ -

Thx - actually quite helpful. The price isn't too concerning (I've heard rave reviews of OF). I'm a little surprised by the lack of clarity around total cost.
Hey Newtronan,

Glad to of been of service!

I agree, and have posted earlier in this thread, that IMHO Omni's (UK) App Store product info isn't very clear.

The blurb could do with a bit of a polish, especially in regard to usage, pricing, syncing, compatibility etc. I've in the past been tempted to say to people "it's obvious!" but then I came to use the Apps via OF on the desktop.

For example, I think it's very helpful that some Reviewers have taken it on themselves to stress that OmniFocus is primarily for committed GTD'ers rather than a task-management, to-do or list App.

Also, just a few days ago, a mate was disappointed that he'd purchased OF for the iPhone and found that he couldn't then purchase OF for the PC! I took another look at Omni's App Store info, as dispassionately as possible, and realised it isn't clear that OF for the desktop is only available for the Mac.

Hopefully, at some point in the future, Omni will redo their sales spiel in a way that might eliminate or at least minimise this kind of confusion.

Good luck with your GTD! :)

Last edited by endoftheQ; 2010-10-10 at 04:47 AM..
Originally Posted by aliteralmind View Post
If you backup your files via iTunes sharing, I BELIEVE you should be able to overwrite your existing files (after a crash) with a backup, via iTunes sharing. Even if not, the ninjas will certainly help.
Unfortunately to back up and restore via iTunes you need a Mac or a PC. It may be unique to the UK but I'm still gobsmacked by the number of people that manage to purchase an iPhone or iPad without having either! At the moment, I have four log-ins on my laptop (three for iPhones, one for an iPad) for friends who didn't realise that access to a computer was necessary.

I think this may be caused by a combination of Apple's advertising and the various network retail outlets that don't explain to newcomers that their latest iGizmo won't work straight out of the box.

I also came unstuck recently on upgrading as, in the past, it has taken o2 between 12-24hrs to switch over to a new SIM. This last time I hadn't even left the store before it happened, leaving me first thing in the morning, miles from home, with two iPhones, neither of which worked!

Originally Posted by aliteralmind View Post
As I've written elsewhere on this forum:

I have created an online tool that allows me to quickly enter in many items into OmniFocus at once (or rapid fire). You need to be careful to escape special characters, such as ampersands and apostrophes, but it has saved me countless hours, and makes it possible to use OmniFocus ONLY on my Touch.

Give it a try:
I tested it out Aliteralmind and it's certainly a help. I'm afraid that I still found it a chore to move the results into OF, ie. having to click each url separately and then do a save for each action (which I accept isn't your fault, but a limitation of OF).

I'm sorry, but I find it laughable that Omni hasn't grasped the basic need of being able to import and export from its Apps, to me it's like Microsoft Word not being able to open or save a .txt file.

It also (IMHO) beggars belief that Apps, such as iThoughts, that only cost a few bucks, can happily interchange data between other developers offerings but you can't do the same thing between Omni's own premium-priced products, ie. you can't export a project from OmniFocus and import it into OmniGraffle.

I know that I'm not alone in finding that a combination of pricing, lack of import/export and Omni's inexplicable need to flit after Apple's latest bright, shiny iGizmo is causing some of us long-term users not only to abandon Omni's Apps but also the associated desktop programs as well. :(
You make good points.

Easier import/export/backup/recovery sure would be nice. Dropbox saving/recovery of your database or project-opml export would be sweeeeet.

These workarounds are good for me, but it's only because I'm okay of these limitations (or ignorant of the possibilities :)
I do not get it. I use OF primarily on my laptop. I bought OF for the iPhone to help deal with real-time updates when I don't have the laptop. I want OF for iPad for the same reason. It would not be my primary OF application/interface. To pay $40 for this convenience is so not worth it.
tml00, our suggestion would be to run the iPhone app on the iPad. We certainly hope the App Store gives us more flexible pricing options someday, but in the meantime we have to work with the existing ones, which basically boils down to "one price for everyone, regardless of any purchases they may have made in the past".
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
tml00, our suggestion would be to run the iPhone app on the iPad.
In that case, wouldn't it be a great idea to make the iPhone App universal, insomuch that it could take advantage of the iPad screen estate without pixel-doubling?

I think Omni may have seriously missed a trick in not porting all its desktop programs over to the iPhone first (ok, maybe not OmniDazzle!) and offering this kind of universal solution, then concentrating on developing specific iPad versions.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the lack of iPhone versions is one of the reasons that myself and others have not only abandoned OG and OGS on the iPad but also the desktop programs. The fact the OO is only a strong possibility on the iPhone has led some of us to already abandon OO for Mac and seek other solutions, which means we won't be buying OO for the iPad either.

It's not that I would have any intention of doing anything complicated with OG, OGS or OO on my iPhone, but I do want to be able to carry my work around with me 24/7, perhaps making minor alterations but more importantly being able to distribute content on the go.

In my perfect world, I wish Omni had followed the OF route [ Mac > iPhone > iPad ] with its other programs, made the iPhone versions universal, incorporated the same cloud sync into them as OF and also added the ability to interchange data between them. After that, create a specific iPad App.

Unfortunately, it feels like I've ended up with half finished scenarios with completion pushed back every time Apple yells "hop!".

The Mac App Store anyone?

Last edited by endoftheQ; 2010-10-25 at 05:22 AM..
Originally Posted by endoftheQ View Post
In that case, wouldn't it be a great idea to make the iPhone App universal, insomuch that it could take advantage of the iPad screen estate without pixel-doubling?
Surely that wouldn't make a lot of sense commercially as then Omni would be potentially losing sales of the far superior iPad app.

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