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First of all, I love OmniFocus, and I really appreciate not only the hard work the engineers have put into it, but also the regular support on these forums.

I'm experiencing the issue that occurs when there are more than two clients (home, work, and iPhone) and the database never gets smooshed. I've followed the instructions that include running the CoalesceDatabase ActionScript, then updating the file on MobileMe. This typically reduces the file size by about 90% (600+kb to 60-80kb), and everything works great for about a day, and then I'm back into slow-sync land. My macs take 5-10 minutes to sync, and my iPhone usually just times out.

My temporary fix has now become to reset the database on my iPhone, and simply no longer use it, until there's a permanent solution to this issue. I only use Omnifocus on two machines now (home and work), and the sync stays snappy, the database small. This will be fine until the next time I have to go shopping. :D

I know you guys are working hard on a solution for this. I want this thread to be a central place for informing people as it gets resolved. There are so many Sneaky Peaks, and a recent build mentioned speeding up syncs, but I wasn't sure if that indeed addresses this problem.

Here's a link to the temporary fix instructions and the CoalesceDatabase script for people that need them ( (thanks, Lizard). Maybe it would be worth making this post sticky until you guys get a chance to resolve the issue.

I want to close by thanking you guys again for the incredible application, and saying what a great job I think you're doing responding to your customers' needs.
Wow, that's an incredibly slow sync! I've got three clients syncing (an iMac G5, and a Core 2 Duo Macbook, the latter running both Tiger and Leopard), my database on MobileMe is up to 3 MB and 1735 files at the moment, and a sync takes about 25 seconds. My database when smooshed is still bigger than yours is before you run the script, and it's not only that I've got some big attachments in there, as I've got 7,865 actions according to Ken's magic sqlite query. This makes me think that there has to be something else going on here. What kind of machines do you have? What is your internet connectivity? How long does it take to do a Finder copy of your MobileMe database to the desktop (and possibly more relevant, back) when the file is bloated? Hopefully we'll get this figured out before the reefer is empty :)
You're right, MobileMe does seem to be incredibly slow for me sometimes. My Internet connection is pretty quick: I have the highest speed AT&T DSL at home, and an even faster connection at the office. My iPhone is first gen / Edge, but even on wifi the sync is slow. The two computers are a dual g5 tower and a brand new iMac, both Leopard. File operations on the iDisk, especially on the .ofocus file can take a very long time. It could be that I have multiple additional machines using it, pretty much around the clock... I'm piggybacking on somebody elses iDisk, and they have about 4 machines connected to it, transferring around big files frequently. Sounds like it may be time to pony up for my own account, or set up my own webdav space.

Thanks for helping me get to the bottom of this.
Definitely sounds like you should take Apple up on their offer of a free MobileMe trial and see if that doesn't work better than the shared account you're currently using.

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