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OmniFocus 1.1 improves general workflow with more practical due-date badges, a unified Edit button, a sidebar Home button, and smarter Map searching. It includes numerous interface improvements for both aesthetics and usability, and additional fixes which improve performance, stability, and reliability.

We love hearing from you! You can reach us by tapping Contact Omni (in the Gear Menu above the sidebar), sending email to, tweeting to @omnifocus, or calling 1-800-315-OMNI or +1 206-523-4152.

  • Fixed the underlying bug which caused Forecast view to stop updating after editing an action’s due date.
  • Badging improvements:
    • If you have an overdue item on Today, the badge and background color is now correctly calculated rather than always using the due soon color.
    • The badge color for days in the upcoming week now correctly reflects the “Due Soon means” setting.
    • If an action’s due date precedes its start date, the due date takes precedence for purposes of forecast badging.
    • The forecast badge color for the sidebar is now also chosen based on a worst-case scenario. (Previously, the badge was always the overdue color.)
    • The forecast badge count is now the sum of all overdue and due soon items (based on the “Due Soon means” setting.)
  • In Forecast mode, actions will display their due time rather than date when the date is implied.

  • The main toolbar now contains an Edit button which enters universal edit mode for the outline and the sidebar. “Edit Sidebar” has been removed from the gear popover.
  • Improved the user interface for setting the repeat value for projects and actions.
  • Recent edits are no longer lost if the application was quit while an editor was open.
  • Improved the behavior of the date editing controls:
  • The +1 day/week/month buttons now preserve the time.
  • Tapping Start or Due now uses today for the initial value if not previously set.
  • The selected tab is now restored in the action and project editors.
  • Attachments can be copied from the attachments list in the action and project editors.
  • Images can be pasted into the attachments list in the action and project editors.
  • Attachments added to via Quick Entry (at launch or while applying sync changes) can now be viewed without saving the action and reopening the editor.
  • Modified the behavior of the project and context picker popovers to avoid unnecessarily dismissing the keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug where sync changes were not automatically applied after closing an editor if a sync finished while the editor was open.

Outline, Navigation
  • Added a Home button to sidebar.
  • Added a note icon separator between the action title and note preview in action rows. Actions which have attachments also display an attachment(paperclip) icon.
  • Parents assigned to a context appear within that context to be consistent with OmniFocus 1.8 for Mac. The view setting “Hide Parent Items in Context Mode” is synced from OmniFocus 1.8 for Mac and is honored in OmniFocus for iPad.
  • Inherited flags are now visually distinct from non-inherited flags.
  • When focusing on a container, the back button in the sidebar now correctly navigates back through the entire hierarchy.
  • The full hierarchy for contexts is no longer displayed for each context in the sidebar list. The back button now correctly shows the parent context name as appropriate.
  • Fixed a bug where certain completed actions didn’t correctly get the strike-through adornment.
  • The disclosure button in the sidebar now glows when pressed. The tap area has also been enlarged.
  • Fixed a bug where the sidebar disclosure button was sometimes incorrectly left in the pushed appearance.
  • The Delete contextual menu items have been removed.
  • Improved user interaction in outline rows:
    • Tapping in the gutter no longer invokes the item’s editor.
    • The tap area for checkboxes is larger.
    • A tap and hold on the checkbox no longer invokes the contextual menu for the row.
    • Corrected behavior of the outline view when in edit mode; the disclosure triangles are active (along with expand/collapse all), but you can no longer invoke the editor or bring up contextual menus.
    • Tap and hold on an action then scrolling now immediately removes the selection highlight from the row.

  • Fixed a bug in where the sidebar selection became out of sync with the project being displayed after sync changes had been applied.
  • Fixed a bug in where the sidebar selection could become out of sync with the project being displayed after marking a project reviewed.
  • Fixed a bug where using the Review contextual menu item would result in the wrong project being selected in the sidebar in Review mode.
  • Fixed a bug where simultaneously changing the review interval and unit could result in a incorrect review interval being set on the project.
  • Fixed a crash setting the repeat interval through quick entry while at startup. (The repeat interval cannot be set while the database is still loading, or sync changes are being applied.)
  • Fixed a crash when incorporating sync changes while the Review Every popover was open.
  • The review bar controls are now disabled when the outline is in edit/reorder mode.

  • The undo button is no longer 1 pixel too low.
  • Numerous improvements to action and project row layout in the outline.
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug which resulted in a horizontal slice in the background in Review and Forecast modes.
  • Improved the layout of buttons in the main toolbar.
  • Restored the etched rows to the Sync Setup and first run configuration screens.
  • Smoothed out the antialiasing on the lines on the Welcome to OmniFocus splash screen image.
  • Item editors fade in and out as a whole, rather than having different elements fade at different rates (rather like the Cheshire Cat).

  • When performing a search in Maps mode, ambiguous results now show both nearby businesses and geographic locations in the search results popover.
  • The list view in Maps mode now supports the standard toolbar items, including the view popover.
  • The context inspector in Maps mode now correctly reflects the current view (next/available/remaining/all) filter.
  • Improved explanatory text when dropping pins in Map mode.
  • The Map/List view switcher in the Maps mode is now centered.
  • Fixed a crash when dropping a pin in Map mode when WiFi (and 3G data) was disabled.
  • Fixed a crash when returning to Maps mode after viewing the built-in help.

  • In Perspectives mode, action’s grouped by date will display their time rather than date when the date is implied.
  • Perspectives which group by start date now put the ‘no start date’ group at the top of the list, matching the OmniFocus for Mac.
  • OmniFocus for iPad does not currently support deleting perspectives. Removed the inoperable delete button when in edit mode.

  • OmniFocus for iPad now supports VGA mirroring.
  • Fixed the underlying bug which prevented automatic Inbox cleanup.
  • Fixed a bug which could result in incorrect undo grouping, such that tapping the undo button might undo more than just the previous edit.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to place the insertion point before the generated content when mailing an action.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to have the sidebar and undo popovers visible on the screen at the same time.
  • Shake to undo has been disabled. (Use the Undo button.)
  • The database info text in Settings now updates after compacting the database.
  • Using three finger zoom while the editor is open no longer causes multiple popovers to be displayed.

Last edited by Ken Case; 2010-10-01 at 02:33 PM.. Reason: Added links to our contact information
The Home Button is VERY welcome. I was bemoaning it's absense this morning before I saw the update. Thanks. Haven't had a chance to dig deeper yet.
Thanks for the update guys! There are so many issues address; once again reinforces my decision to buy this app.

Just one little qualm about the design... The Home button icon is WAY too strong and almost distracting. If it was smaller (and with the door open), it would blend in better with the applications overall aesthetics.

Apart from that, everything looks great. Love the 1pixel fix of the Undo button :p
Maybe I'm to stupid, but where are my perspectives gone? I can't finde them on my iPad since 1.1 -.-
Still hoping for two things:

1) Badges next to menu items and contexts (like the iPhone version)

2) Aesthetic fix for items breaking the boundaries of the parent folder when the parent folder is inside another folder (the todo breaks both boundaries)

Last edited by MutantSquid; 2010-10-02 at 07:24 AM..
Originally Posted by MutantSquid View Post
2) Aesthetic fix for items breaking the boundaries of the parent folder when the parent folder is inside another folder (the todo breaks both boundaries)
It does, but doing so gets more space for long action names, especially if there is some structure inside the project. How do you think it should look?
Great work.
Any chance to get a sidebar filter distinct from items filter in an future release?
Originally Posted by lmsboy View Post
Maybe I'm to stupid, but where are my perspectives gone? I can't finde them on my iPad since 1.1 -.-
Imsboy: I had the same reaction! The update has lost the stars - tap Perspectives and then re-star your perspectives and "they'll be back"
Where? The problem is that perpectives doesn't appear anymore for me!
Have you tried resetting your database on the iPad and setting up the sync again? Do you have any context mode perspectives on the Mac that you created yourself? Try creating another one and syncing both devices again.

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