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adding +omnifocus for mail rules - Apple problem? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I've been doing some experimenting with the "send to mail" feature since I can't get it to work properly, and I think other people might have this same issue.

With our mail system set up with Sendmail, when I send an email to myself using the "" syntax, it automatically gets filed in my omnifocus folder. The OF rule to move that stuff to the inbox of OF never triggers since I guess the Mail rules only trigger if the mail goes straight to the Inbox (feature, or bug, no idea), however running the rules manually on the omnifocus folder do work.

The way I can solve it is by changing the ACLs on that folder so the mail will go the inbox, but others might not be able to do that on their servers, and that's kind of annoying.

Is there a way to get rules processing working on a specific folder?
If I remember correctly, mail considers the 'only run rules on stuff in the inbox' behavior to be a feature, though other folks may disagree. ;-)

I checked with the lead developer on this, though, and he suspects that this was caused by a bug. He made a change in later builds of OmniFocus, but we suspect that some folks' copies of mail have the old rule cached, though.

To fix this, please try the following:
In mail, select the rule and delete it.
quit mail.
Update OmniFocus to the most recent build available.
Use the Mail preference pane to re-add the rule to Mail.

Can you try that and let us know if the rule starts working as expected?
I managed to finally get it to work by adding a rule specifically on my mail server saying "anything with +omnifocus in the header, leave in the inbox". Once I did that, the Omnifocus rule triggers - moves it to the omnifocus folder, and adds it to the OF inbox. Other people using Sendmail might have this same problem though, so I suggest you keep note of the workaround for it. :)

I tried the delete rules and it still doesn't work. I tried several times.
Byron: Could you be more specific about what delete rules you're talking about?
Our working theory yesterday was that an older copy of the rule was still cached in mail. In another thread, I suggested deleting the rule and quitting mail, then using the latest build to re-add the rule. Sounds like it didn't work.

I did get a report from another user that telling their mail client to not include their signature in the email got the rule to start working. It's a longshot, but can the folks that are having problems with this let us know if they've got signatures on their emails?

Following the instructions in this thread and another one, I deleted the old rule (the Omnifocus) rule, reset the mail settings, restarting mail, etc. I tried that several timess

I do have signatures on my posts.
Hey! That's it. I just removed the signature from the a test mail, sent it, the mail arrived, Omnifocus fired up, and it worked!
With my testing, it looks like rich text content in the body of the mail will cause the rule to not work. I sent myself a message with nothing in the body, one with plain text in the body, and one with rich text in the body.

The first two arrived and showed up in OmniFocus - the third did not.

Writing up as a bug for the team. Thanks, all.

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