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I'm very new to Omniplan and I would like to know if it is at all possible to import iCal Calendars to Omniplan.
I've been using iCal for years and I don't want to have to retype everything in Omniplan. Is there at all a way?


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I'm not aware of anything in OmniPlan itself to do that, only the other direction (export OmniPlan tasks to iCal calendars or to-do lists.)

The iCal .ics format is not all that complicated. If you've entered your tasks as iCal entries that don't span multiple days, and don't have all day entries, it seems like it might not be too difficult to cobble something up that ran over an exported file from iCal and produced a list of task names with duration and start date/time, then wrote that out as a .CSV file that you could import. Of course, OmniPlan won't know any of the details of the structure, resource allocations, etc. but you'll at least have the blocks in there to start tinkering. You won't really get the full benefit of OmniPlan until you start extending your plan beyond what is in iCal and/or edit the stuff you've imported because it will all be entered as exact scheduling and OmniPlan won't move any of it around.

Any idea how many iCal entries you're talking about? If you go to File->Export in iCal after selecting the calendar that contains all of this stuff, export a copy to your desktop, open it up in an editor that will let you count matches and see how many matches you get for BEGIN:VEVENT that should give you a pretty good idea.
Thank you very much for your answer.
I'll try what you suggested.
Although I wished Omniplan could directly import iCal calendars. ;)

Originally Posted by JMP View Post
I'm very new to Omniplan and I would like to know if it is at all possible to import iCal Calendars to Omniplan.
I've been using iCal for years and I don't want to have to retype everything in Omniplan. Is there at all a way?

There's a great CRM Mac app for this: Daylite. Pretty seamless integration with iCal and AddressBook, with a LOT of control over what's synced. Huge CRM power--a multitude of features for CRM. There's a to-do/project management component, don't know if it would work for you. App is a little pricey and difficult to implement, and has some UI bugs, but it's truly unique and has a lot of smart integration with Mac native apps. Once you get it running and stable, if you're a person who manages a lot of client contacts and tracks to-dos and projects involving them, this is THE Mac app.
i managed to find a workaround for importing from iCal. i had naively (although logically, i believe) assumed, when i purchased omniplan, that import from ical events would be very straightforward - thinking perhaps i could drag and drop. i really think this is a pretty obvious feature which should be included in a future build.

anyway, what i did was export the data from bento as a .csv file (iCal does not let you do this directly) then open it in OmniPlan - there is a dialogue box which allows you to map the fields from iCal data to corresponding categories in omniplan - clunky i know, but it gets the basic information across
What I wouldn't give for OmniPlan-iCal sync right about now. Seriously.

OmniFocus, DayLite, Things, half a dozen Dashboard widgets, and probably who knows what else syncs with iCal, but not OmniPlan. :-(

I was on the run with my iPhone this afternoon and needed to know which OmniPlan task I should have been on then.

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