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Hi Omni.

Thought I'd put a shout in for this. This is a way bigger deal to me than an Omnifocus mini app since iCal sync will go a long way in useablity. I type meetings and lecture notes directly into a Palm T3 (I'm fast but that iPhone keypad may be quciker with practice) of which I have a slight love, mostly hate relationship with. It has never been a stable device (laptops are not an option for me in these situations), and besides mobile programmes based around word functionability simply don't contain the beauty of working with outlines. Just text outlining with some RTF formating (Bold, Italic, Colours) would be all that was required - an outline could be prettied up back on the desktop app.

Any chance? Do others want this? Omnigroup if apple allow this sort of thing please save us from our Palm's.
Since the iPhone is basically "closed" to non web-based applications it may be a while before OO (or any non-Apple application) finds its way onto it.

That being said, a Web 2.0 version of OO's major outlining features might be a possibility, but I imagine working with a hierarchical view on that small of a screen will prove quite frustrating.
Hi Kelsangnorbu,
I think you should check out It is a free, online outliner that we have been building. It is still in Beta (version 1.0 should be out soon) so we would really like to get any thoughts you and others might have. Since we have written it using AJAX, we are really excited about getting it to work on the iPhone. We should have something ready in a couple of weeks. As we don't own an iPhone, and can't until late next year (we are in Asia) anyone willing to give us a helping hand to test it on an iPhone would be great.

We also allow importing an OPML document from Omni Outliner. In fact, we feel LooseStitch is a great tool of OO users as it makes working with others on an outline really easy. You can easily invite friends to view/edit your document, publish your outline on your website so that others can view it, or import it back into OO once you are done. This is a great way to share your OO outliners with a Windows user.
Thanks Guys, I was beginning to get paranoid that nobody cared for my post - LooseStitch looks very interesting - will check it out. Maybe you could see if Merlin Mann would give it some air on 43 folders - don't know why but I reckon he would (due to the OO import in particular). I like the LooseStitch site a lot as well.

Anyway thanks for the posts.

Huge shout out for this!!! Though iCal is great for "throw away" day to day scheduling, OO is my bible for making sure that I am adhering to the "little things matter, big things count" philosophy. I picked up an iPhone last week and I can't say strongly enough, it truly is an amazing device unlike anything I have previously used (though, I'm still trying to master the text touch pad). A widget/iPhone app (safari based or otherwise) would be awesome. I would have no problem trading in my YouTube app for it.

iPhone + OmniOutliner!!!!!!!!!!
Just like to add my encouragement for an OO that will work with my iPhone. I love the iPhone but I miss my OO! I'm willing to pay to get it back!
I would love to have OmniOutliner on the iPhone too. I already use (every day several times!) Omnifocus both on Mac and iPhone. They are great applications (iphone app could be speedier when launched).

But I still would like an outliner for taking notes, organising ideas, etc… and for this, OmniFocus does not work.

I’m ready to pay, of course! There is a market, OmniGroup!

And with your experience with OF/iPhone, doing a second app would be much easier: you could reuse part of the GUI, sync code, etc…

Come on! :-)
Originally Posted by vincentkeunen View Post
i would love to have omnioutliner on the iphone too... could reuse part of the gui, sync code, etc…
come on! :-)
+1 !
bump and concur. I haven't needed OF (much as it clearly is the best of the bunch in task managers). But would quickly pay and pay well for OO on my iPhone

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