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Hi Everybody,
New to the alpha and to the forum, so please excuse me if this question has been asked before - I did do a forum search but could not find an exact answer.
I'm having some trouble working out how to handle pending projects which I am still thinking about. My normal process before I started to use OmniFocus was to create a project and then assign it actions which had no context yet. However, as soon as I make an OmniFocus project pending then I can no longer assign it to tasks from the inbox.
Would it be better for me to use an active project, but perhaps with a context that indicated the pending nature of the actions?

eg. My "Trip to New Zealand" project could have actions with a context of "Next Year".

My preference would be to have the "Trip to New Zealand" as a pending project full of actions where I have yet to decide the context.
One way to work this is...

by ctrl+clicking or right+clicking on the project,
you can give it an on hold status

That will allow you to keep it out of sight, until your weekly review when you review all on hold projects to see if it's time to make any of them active.
I did a search in the forums so I could understand Pending projects, that's how I got to this thread.

It looks like they are defined as Active projects with start dates that are in the future.

It seems to behave like a State, even though you can't select it from the State menu in the inspector. I say this because it is one of the items on the filter list, and even though the project may be "Active" in terms of the State listed in the inspector, it will not show up in the project list when the filter is set to Active. Interestingly, for the other 3 states (On Hold, Completed, Dropped) it WILL show up in those filters, sort of like "Pending trumps Active, but not the other 3 states". This is why I say a Pending project is an Active project (not "any project") with a start date in the future.

As far as processing from the inbox, it seems that with or without a context, you can assign to Pending or On Hold projects.

The differences are:
For Pending projects, the project shows up in the pop-up list (so I'm not sure what the problem is in the original post) but for On Hold it doesn't.

For either type, you can still type it in or auto-complete and it will work - but for the On Hold projects, the auto-complete text is grayed out. Nevertheless you can still select it and it will get assigned properly.

The same is true for the quick-entry whatchamacallit, except that the pop-up doesn't seem to work so you are limited to auto-complete.

So it seems like it basically does work, but there are some rough edges. But I've only been messing with it for a short time, so there could be lots of stuff I haven't discovered or figured out yet.
Pending projects are brand-spanking new. We've been discussing them on the forums as a feature request. I think they just showed up in the alpha today and unannounced. Perhaps the original poster can confirm if he/she is talking about the new feature, or just "pending projects" in the plain old English sense of the term.

Until the OmniGurus weigh in, or the MOTD gets updated, we'll have to experiment to see how Pending Projects work. Sounds like you've done a fair bit of that.

To refine a bit, the Pending Projects filter seems to show all Active state projects. The Active Projects filter now shows Active projects with either no start date, or else a start date in the past. Though it seems to consider start dates of contained items in a strange way.

Also, my On Hold projects show up in the project drop-down list. Once upon a time they did not, but that design was changed a few weeks back.


Last edited by curt.clifton; 2007-08-30 at 08:41 PM..
The MOTD now says what the new filters are supposed to do.

I got too excited working on perspectives yesterday and forgot to add that note :)

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