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Move Inbox Items to Folders w/o Mouse Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Is it possible to move projects from the inbox to a specified folder without using the mouse?

Just looking for a way to speed up processing time - the current keyboard shortcuts are already so helpful!
With a row selected, type 'e' to enter editing mode. Then tab to move to the project field and type in the project you want. Then tab to move to the context field and type in the context you want. Escape to end editing. Then command-K to Clean Up.

Hope that helps.
That works great for items that already have a project created and exist inside a folder.

What I'm looking for is a way to move a project (and it's actions) to a specific folder ("Personal", "Work") under the Library folder.

Maybe a script could do it; I've search pretty hard for a key command.
If you're creating a new project, you can type the new folder name(s) and the new project name (separated by the hierarchy separator) into the project field and hit apple-return to make the new folder(s) and project (or if you match an existing folder, to make a new project inside the specified folder).

If you have existing projects that you are moving into folders, you can switch focus to the sidebar and use the keyboard shortcuts that are in the Edit menu to move projects up and down and make new folders from the keyboard.
Just so there is no confusion, you are looking for a way to promote an action group from the Inbox into a project, like happens when you do Clean Up, except that you want to have the project automatically moved into a folder of your choosing, correct?

If that's the case, and you really are not willing to use the mouse at all, you can do it by tabbing through the fields in the Inbox and moving items up and down with control-command-<up or down arrow>. Do not attempt to build up the project structure, but just put things in the right order. Then go to the first item in the new "project", tab to the project field, and type in the full path where you want it stashed, separating folder and project names with ":" (even if you have configured it to use a different character or string for display) and creating your new project by pressing cmd-return at the end. Subsequent actions will be smart matched as you type, though if there are more than one or two it is probably worth taking the hit to use the mouse to jump to the inspector after selecting them all with shift-<up or down arrow> and set the project for the whole bunch at once. Cmd-K will do the Clean Up action and file them away.

I'll have to try processing my Inbox entirely within these constraints today. I'm a rapid typist, so I think lifting my hand over to the Magic Trackpad and back as needed will be faster than doing it all with keyboard. But why speculate when experimenting is so much fun? :-)
I should clarify a bit: when I said "do not attempt to build up the project structure" it would have been better to say simply that you don't want to build the project itself. You can still nest actions under other actions, you just don't want to make an action that is the name of the project in the way you would if you were building an action group and outdenting it or cleaning up to make it a project.

I trust that if you were not confused previously, I've remedied that situation :-)

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