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Friends, Outliners, Lend me your ears! Help solve my omnioutliner/PDF blues! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

Quick question for you fabulous omnipeople.

I'm no techie, but I'm not your typically clueless academic either. I've tried to figure this one out on my own but am woefully stuck. Help me, friends!

Here's what I want to do:

(1) import this PDF ( into omnioutliner, such that I can
(2) keep the parent/child format of the PDF, and
(3) add my own notes, docs, etc.

The goal would be to keep a running commentary on this and other texts, and to be able to insert articles, essay, references, and notes that relate to various passages. Make sense? There has got to be a way to do this, right?

Any ideas? Answers? Hacks? Hunches?

Can't retrieve the document. Maybe you need to set the permissions for it to be available? I don't know anything about Google Docs except how to spell it :-)

Without seeing the document, it is hard to be certain of what you want, but I think you aren't going to like the answer... If you want to be able to annotate the document, you'll have to copy/paste the chunks into OmniOutliner as rows. You could then add notes to the rows, or even continue the outline structure further (a miniature outline under each section, for example).
Whoops. Maybe the url shortener is holding you up. I've pasted the original link below.

Thanks for the initial response. I fear you're right, but thought I would put this before the truly initiated just to make sure. In my wildest dream, there would be some way to run the PDF through Devonthink and then export it as an oo3 file or an RTFL. Or something circuitous like that.

Anyway, if you have a chance maybe try again to take another look at the PDF so you can see what I'm dreaming of.

It's really tough to have an idea in your head but no way to execute it. It's only a small overstatement to say that figuring this out would revolutionize my work!
I could also get a copy of this document in XML--would that help? Or am I just revealing my own ignorance by asking?
I can see all 4,201 pages now. Last time I looked at printed material where the table of contents was still ongoing 100+ pages in, I was looking at the September issue of Vogue :-)

Getting the text in XML form might be helpful (I wonder how long it would take Abby FineReader to process that file!), but I think what might be most helpful is for you to sketch (in OO) a few pages (like 154-156, for example) how you would like to structure the material. No need to type it all in, just enough that one could look at the OO doc and the original and see how you structured it. As you do it, think about how you would describe to a detail-oriented idiot assistant (the computer) the process for doing the following 4,000 pages...

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