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Column Resizing Behavior is Non-Standard Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Resizing the columns in Omnifocus makes the entire WINDOW resize horizontally.

Other applications don't behave this way, and I much prefer their behavior.

That sounds a little snarky actually - but everytime I upgrade it forgets my column settings and I have to reset them which takes much longer when I have to take into acccount the windows size as well.


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We did it this way to avoid ever having a horizontal scroll bar. Most other apps don't mind having a horizontal scroller, but with the controls on the far right of OmniFocus's rows, we found this way to be less of a pain to use.

Of course, if enough people find it disconcerting, we can reconsider it for a future version. Personally I wish more apps worked this way. :D
Another vote from someone who hates the current behavior. OF shouldn't go resizing my window. It especially shouldn't make my window smaller. That's what's really irritating.
I actually like this behavior a lot, because in most apps I never know for sure what's going to happen when I resize a column. I know that some other column or columns will resize, but which? In OmniFocus I know that none of them will.

It feels a little odd, but I find it more pleasant.
Here's another vote for the current behavior. It freaked me out at first, but now that I'm used to it I wish it was the new standard for most apps.

I hate it. I want my window to be a certain size, and I want to adjust my columns to fit within that window. If I want to change my window size, I'll change my window size.

Try this: open a new window. Make it wide to your desired size the "normal" way. It expands one of the columns (the name column in my case). Make the name column narrower, because you need less space for it, and more space for Contexts. Your window shrinks too. Now expand the context column wider. Your window expands too. You need to play around with the column widths to get your window width right.

Try the same thing with another Mac app, say Mail. Open a new viewer window, and make it wide the "normal" way. It expands one of the columns (From, in my case). Make the From column narrower; you window remains at your set width, and the last column expands (Attachments in my case). Now that my window is set, I can change my column widths as I see fit.

In Leopard (at least), you can't make the columns so wide as to push other columns off the edge, so your window width is the size you have for each of your columns, and Mail is smart enough to keep you within that width.
Another vote against it.

While I don't have strong feelings either way, I slightly prefer the standard behavior as well, if for no other reason than it's what I'm used to.
It seems to me that if you're going to go with non-standard window behavior, there should be a very good reason, and I don't see it here.

Also, (and I should send this as feedback) the current implementation is inconsistent. Showing/hiding columns (due/start dates, for example) doesn't change the window size, it resizes the existing columns (Name). Why does manually resizing columns change the window size, but hiding/showing columns preserve window size?
Another vote against. One of the great things that has always differentiated the Mac is convention in the UI.

The dvorak keyboard layout may be "Better" than qwerty, but who would cheer if OF required us to use it.

I would prefer standard window resizing with regard to column resizing.

At least if you want to try something innovative, don't make my window NARROWER, perhaps a hybrid approach where if I have the screen space, make it wider when I widen a column, but not the reverse.


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