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Setting screen font vs. print/export font [A: text zoom coming in OO4.] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I copied Rob Trew's Toggle script, pasted it into Applescript Editor on my computer, compiled it, saved it as a script to the desktop. I tested it and it works, now that I have installed OO3.9.5 - Thanks to you.

To create a "toggle" button in OO3, I open the program, go to the <view> command and open <customize toolbar>. When the customize toolbar window opens, I try to drag the toggle script icon from the desktop onto the top toolbar. However, a white plus sign with a green background does not appear and as soon as I release the icon, it returns to the desktop. It will not stay on the toolbar. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
You don't drag it from the desktop, you drag it from the list of available buttons in the Customize Toolbar window. You may have to scroll down to find it.
Ah, and rereading your message, I see the other half of the problem! You need to save the script in the appropriate folder, which is not your Desktop, but rather Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniOutliner (in your home directory). This folder will not exist if you have not previously installed scripts in OmniOutliner, and the Scripts/Applications hierarchy will not exist if you haven't saved scripts previously for other applications. Either make the folders by hand, or use the procedure detailed in this post:

Note that you have to follow the directions very carefully with regard to which application is running when you do various steps! That post describes installing scripts for OmniFocus, but the procedure is the same, just substitute OmniOutliner wherever you see OmniFocus.
whpalmer4 and RobTrew,

Thanks so much for your help. I can now use OO and enjoy it. Not being able to use it was ruining my life - seriously. The "Toggle" switch works great.

Dr. BillC

I copied Rob Trew's Toggle script, pasted it into Applescript Editor on my computer, but it won't compile. I keep getting an error message that reads: Expected end of line but found".

It highlights the quotation marks before the word "font-size" on the fifth line of code. I know next to nothing about writing code. What am I doing wrong?
Originally Posted by cladach_gorm View Post
I keep getting an error message that reads: Expected end of line but found".
Sounds as if something might have been inadvertently left behind in the copy and paste - possibly concealed by the scrolling code display.

Here is a compiled copy.

Last edited by RobTrew; 2011-07-05 at 07:46 AM..
Rob -
I downloaded your file on this and installed it. It works perfectly. Don't understand why the good people at Omni didn't formalize this ages ago (but then I don't get why we don't have cloning either...)
Many thanks.

Is there a way to zoom the text so that the view has a bigger text.

I realize that you set the font size bigger or use the cntrl/mouse combination but I was looking for the conventional zoom function to make text on the page appear bigger while working on the document.

I looked under view, edit and window but don't see any capability.

Not currently supported, but we do have a feature request open on this. Email the support ninjas to attach yourself to the request. (All other things being equal, requests with more customers attached tend to get higher priority.) Thanks!
merging this thread with another one about the same feature request.

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