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OmniFocus 1.7 sneaky peeks have begun! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
What are sneaky peeks?

Sneaky peeks are our latest (unstable) internal builds. These internal builds are exactly what we see here at Omni: they're just snapshots of our development that are updated every few hours and haven't gone through any sort of vetting process—which means that you might actually be the first person to try a particular build and discover that it eats your system. (We hope that doesn't happen, of course—it would be pretty upsetting if a build were to eat any of our files when we run it—but since we won't have tested the app before giving you access we can't make any guarantees.)

In other words, sneaky peeks aren't for the faint of heart; they're an invitation to come join us on the bleeding edge of our development process.

If this sounds interesting to you, then you're invited to try running our sneaky peek builds. But if you'd prefer to work with something a little less risky, please download the latest stable release instead.
OmniFocus 1.7 focuses on making the app easier to understand, conceptually and visually. We've made many improvements to Perspectives, and added a new interface which lists the attachments in your database.

  • We've done an extensive overhaul on Perspectives.
  • Perspectives have received a new configuration window, that lets you control their behavior, and exposes what they can do for you. Hopefully this is much more clear and obvious. To help, we've made all of the default perspectives (Inbox, Projects, Contexts, Due, Flagged and Review) editable (don't worry, you can revert them to their default settings!) so you can adjust these defaults how you want them, assign new images and keyboard shortcuts to them. And, of course, you can still configure your own custom perspectives.
  • Perspectives are also now synced between your desktop copies of OmniFocus (we're looking into supporting them on the iPhone).
  • Perspectives are no longer stored as files on the disk, but you can open a perspective from a URL using a syntax like: omnifocus:///perspective/Inbox

  • Storing large files in your OmniFocus database can cause slow syncing, and sometimes files that you didn't mean to attach can get into your database. We've added an Attachment List to the Window menu, for finding and deleting attachments.
  • An attachment's name is now displayed underneath its icon.
  • Pasting an image from another application will now prefer to use PDF, PNG, or TIFF from the pasteboard over other image types (such as JPEG or PICT).

Repeat Inspector
  • We've redesigned the repeat inspector to be more specific about whether a task becomes due [n] days after completion, or just starts to become available again.

General Friendliness
  • We've tried to simplify the first launch experience for new users.
  • Users who are using an unlicensed version should just see a reminder in the window, and not have lots of windows pop up while running during the trial period.
  • We've made some visual improvements, updating the default theme in Style Preferences to use Lucida Grande, include more whitespace between rows, and so on. If you would like to try the new theme, open Style Preferences and click on the Reset button to reset all the settings to the new default. (You might want to first use the gear menu above that Reset button to save your existing theme, in case you ever want to easily restore to your old settings.)
  • We've made the update process smoother, with a number of software update fixes.
  • Since the software update window already shows you release notes for the version you're downloading, we've stopped automatically popping up a separate Message of the Day window when you first launch a new version. (You can also continue to access these Release Notes through the Help menu.)

Interface Improvements
  • Command-N will now open the Quick Entry window rather than opening a new OmniFocus document window. To open a new OmniFocus window, use Option-Command-N (like Mail), or double-click a project or folder or task to open a window focused on that item.
  • When your database is out of sync, you will be presented with a much simpler window which asks you whether you want to replace your local database with the sync database or not (rather than asking you to choose between Server or Local). If you actually want to replace the sync database with the current database from your local copy of OmniFocus, then there is a new choice in the File menu to Replace Server Database.
  • OmniFocus 1.7 has a new look for the View Bar (to control your filters, collation and sorting) and for column headers.
  • The View Bar's highlighting has also undergone some changes. When you change a setting (Filter, Sorting, Collation) to be different from the default state, it will turn blue. Before this wasn't consistent as we would color the text based on your active perspective. That was too confusing, so now we always color when you're different from the default state.
  • The View Bar now has labels that are always visible to make it more obvious which settings are which.
  • With a setting in General Preferences, new windows can now be opened with the last-used view settings, or with a specific perspective.
  • OmniFocus automatically detects when you have lots of completed actions and asks whether you want to archive them, which will speed up your syncing and loading times.
  • By default OmniFocus will display "Yesterday" "Today" and "Tomorrow" instead of their respective dates.

Experimental Features
  • In addition to "Yesterday", "Today" and "Tomorrow" you can have date cells show the time. Since this feature is still experimental there isn't a preference interface for it yet, but here are some commands you can enter into Terminal to adjust the built-in settings:
    • defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus RelativeDateFormatterShowTime YES
    • defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus RelativeDateFormatterDefaultWantsTruncatedTime YES
    • defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus RelativeDateFormatterUseRelativeDayNames YES
    • defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus RelativeDateFormatterDateFormatStyle medium
  • We've also redone how the Due Soon/Overdue Badges look. But we've also added some options that you can play with. You can now have the badges show the traditional number, or just show a dot, if you just want to know that you have some, but don't care specifically how many. In addition you can enable badges for showing the number of Available actions (which is helpful for seeing what Projects should be marked complete, and which Contexts have no actions)
    • defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus <InboxBadge, AvailableBadge, DunSoonBadge, OverdueBadge> <none, dot, count>
    • So to enable dots for Available Actions:
      • defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus AvailableBadge dot

Snow Leopard compatibility
  • OmniFocus 1.7 will be fully compatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v10.6), while maintaining compatibility with both Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5).

Planned for 1.7, but not finished yet
  • Publishing due task reminders to web calendars (like OmniFocus for iPhone 1.5.2 does already).
  • Updates to the screenshots in the online help.
  • Updates to the welcome document for new users.
  • Fixing bugs in the new attachments interface.

Last edited by Ken Case; 2009-08-14 at 01:23 PM.. Reason: Removed warning about lost perspectives, still noting that attachment names are now displayed with their icon
It seems I've lost them in the transition. Any way to recover them?
There is a lot to like about 1.7 thus far, but recreating all my old perspectives and my toolbar settings is not what I expected to be doing first thing this morning!

Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
  • defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus RelativeDateFormatterDateFormatStyle medium
Before I muck with this setting, what is the command to revert back to the default?
Should we feel (beta-level) comfortable running 1.7 on one machine, 1.6 on another, plus the iPhone app?
Originally Posted by Pablofp View Post
It seems I've lost them in the transition. Any way to recover them?
When I upgraded, I lost all my perspectives as well. According to Ken on twitter, they should have only been lost on the toolbar but should still have been available in the menu.

I therefore simply reverted back to 1.6.1 and that worked file. All perspectives were back.
Lost perspectives as well.
I will recreate them, the new editor seems much nicer.

I used the "Attachement List", and removed all files. I had a 3Mb pdf file.
Now, OmniFocus on iPhone opens in a few seconds (it would take up to 40 seconds before).
Thank you :-)

I like the new dot badges.
Here is how I am using them:
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus DueSoonBadge dot
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus InboxBadge dot
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus AvailableBadge count
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus OverdueBadge count

Will have to see over time how convenient it is to have the number of available tasks in front of every project.


It was worth installing just for the attachment list. :)
Originally Posted by newguy View Post
When I upgraded, I lost all my perspectives as well. According to Ken on twitter, they should have only been lost on the toolbar but should still have been available in the menu.
That was my experience also. My ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Perspectives folder was empty after the update. Instead of rolling back to 1.6.1, I restored the Perspectives folder from yesterday's Time Machine backup, and now the old perspectives are again back in the menu with SP 1.7. They are not, as you mentioned, in the toolbar but that's easy enough to fix.

Edited to update: Now they are gone again! I suppose I should try to put them back in once again and edit them immediately, but SP 1.7 is doing something to purge the Perspectives folder at some point after it launches.

Last edited by Greg Jones; 2009-08-14 at 04:21 AM..
Attachments now include the document name! I still much prefer how OmniOutliner Pro works with attachments, but the addition of the document name in OF is a welcome addition-thanks!
- It seems like I have lost the possibillity to have the sidebar open in one perspective, and closed in another.

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