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Migrating from Notebook to OO. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Hi, I am migrating from Notebook to OO (since I am adopting also OmniFocus). I have a few questions that would make my life easier if anyone has an answer or suggestion.

(1) Export | Import: What is the best way to export from Notebook. I have tried several, and so far '.opml' it's the best in preserving the format. I loose any attachments, which is a big deal, since I have documented a lot of work with images in my notebook. I tried '.rtfd' which preserves attachments, yet it looses all the structure of the document, making the readability and navigation pretty much useless. Any ideas on this front?

(2) Checkbox: Is there anyway in OO to add a 'checkbox' only to a given row and use it visually as a way to mark an 'action'? I know I saw a menu option to do so, but I wish there was some sort of shortcut or script to do it. I take notes on meetings with Notebook, and it's super helpful to clearly make actions from notes by adding a checkbox.

(3) Clipping: Is there any easy way to create clippings within a given OO document? The way I use to use it in notebook, was by in any of my documents, inserting a clipping and bringing the information into the 'right' areas, versus having a document that has all the clippings. Is this possible? I check but could not make it work this way.

Thanks so much for your help.

Last edited by Tinchohs; 2007-11-04 at 10:51 PM.. Reason: I had no answer, so I'll change the title to something that hope it will be more clear.
Anyone has some insight into any of this questions? They do not all relate to migration, but rather to usage of Omni Outliner... Thanks.
Have you tried emailing our support ninjas with these questions?
Nope... I was not clear on how this works. I will email them. Thanks.
I assume you mean CircusPonies Notebook?
I'm about to buy OO myself now I have finally decided on using OF instead of others I tried and would like to migrate NB to OO as well.
Any nice way to import NB into OO or should I contact support for it?
I'm mostly concerned about migrating the separate pages in a Notebook file as separate sections in a OO file.

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What you want to do is really easy. Whether it's right for you, only you can decide.
CP Notebook exports its notebooks into many formats. One of them is OPML, which stands for Outline Processor Markup Language. OmniOutliner opens OPML files readily and reads them as native OO files.
So, on a basic level, you export your notebook to your desktop as an OPML file and then open the file in OO and you will find your data and a sensible structure. You may have to fool with the structure to make it into what you want it to be, but it's basically there for you to work with. You save your file in OO format and there you have it.
I understand that you want your data in this format so you can use OmniFocus in some way that you didn't explain. That may be the best way - or the only way - to get what you want.
But, you need to realize (well, that's a little strong. Maybe better as "you might want to consider") that an OO outline, complex and wonderful as it can be, is actually a less "outlined" outline than a CP Notebook. The CP notebook can have outlines on its pages, each of which is comparable in complexity to a basic OO outline. The pages, in turn, can have each level and sub-level of their contents tagged with icons (another kind of outline), the pages, in turn, exist in an order (another level of outline) and can be separated by tabbed dividers (another level of outline).
And, of course, there are the famous CP indexes of words, tags, formattings, and so on.
So a CP notebook is really a collection of outlines many layers deep and extending over several conceptual dimensions. The OO outline, by comparison is a shallower, more limited structure.
This doesn't necessarily mean that the one is better than the other. A lawnmower is much more complex and multidimensional than a tablespoon, but I know which tool I would prefer to use to eat soup.
On the other hand, if you are using outlines designed to cut the grass and want to turn them into outlines designed as table utensils, you can expect to lose complexity and utility.
For many tasks, OO outlines are perfect, though I would love to be able to make the displayed typeface larger and to have cloning and tagging. For others, you need the extra depth of the CP meta-outline.
Good luck.

Thanks for the detailed description Stephen.

Glad to hear converting my documents will simply work. A bit of fidlling afterwards is pretty normal.

Now it's weekend I'll take the time to download a trial of OO and convert a couple of documents to see if I can work with the "more shallow" structure of OO but I guess that won't be much of a problem. Eager to see what the advantages of OO will be in comparison to CPN and how I can integrate it with OF. I plan to use OO for meeting preparation and notes and link the OO documents to OF tasks. The coming iPad version will be a great plus as well. Yes, CPN already has a nice iPad version, it's just that the sync is pretty bad.

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