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Hi Folks,

Does this error mean anything to you?

5/25/09 5:33:57 PM iCalExternalSync[7455] [ICalExternalSync ]Encountered CoreData could not fulfill a fault for '0x1d388a0 <x-coredata://AA52D040-1CB4-4FBD-94AC-0ED16A2064A0/Event/p1272>' with userInfo {
NSAffectedObjectsErrorKey = (
<CalManagedEvent: 0x1d77d80> (entity: Event; id: 0x1d388a0 <x-coredata://AA52D040-1CB4-4FBD-94AC-0ED16A2064A0/Event/p1272> ; data: <fault>)

I get a number of these when syncing - I reset my Sync history via, but to no avail. Not sure what more I can do. Is there a DB corrupted somewhere? In iCal, maybe?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
iCal is talking to part of Mac OS X called CoreData - CoreData has hit a problem, has not handled it, and is passing the error message back to iCal.

If the problem is causing you to be unable to sync, you may want to try the steps in the "completely reset iCal sync" thread. If you're just seeing the messages go by in the console, it's less clear whether that needs to happen. If it were my personal machine, I probably wouldn't worry about it, but YMMV. :-)
Should have mentioned that this is preventing me from syncing the OF data to iCal.
Okay, since this is blocking iCal syncing, you'll want to carry out the steps in this post.

I did some forum reorganization recently, and just realized that moving a thread un-stickies it; I've re-stickied the thread that post was in. Sorry it was so hard to find!

If the steps in that post don't resolve the issue, you'll want to email our support ninjas so they can help.
Ok, thanks for the additional link. Before you posted it, I went to the original thread you sent and ran the Perl script '' located here:


(I didn't trace through the perl module used in this script to see what it does, it may do what you suggest.)

It did do something - now when I open the OF Prefs, there are no calendars listed to which contexts can be dragged.

So I plugged in the iPhone which started up the syncing engine, and when I launched OF afterwards, I get 'some' calendars in the list, but not all. But the contexts are still not being synced over to iCal to the calendar I used to test. Do all Contexts need to be assigned, or just some?

I'm going to try the proceedure again...
Couple of possibilities: OmniFocus 1 still supports Mac OS 10.4, which means we only use local calendars for syncing: if you have any CalDAV calendars set up in iCal, they won't show up in OmniFocus.

If that's not what's causing this, it sounds like Sync Services may not be sending information about all of your calendars along to us.

Second - is the to-do list open in iCal? iCal still associates your to-dos with your calendars, but they are displayed in a separate pane of the view. That sometimes confuses folks.
Thanks for the reply, but I am an experienced user (20 years programming experience - I even said 'Perl Script' - gee!). I have the latest of everything, I read through all of the posts I could find on this, I have Sync Services working (the iPhone synce fine), and I have reset everything per your instructions. Now, since I have zapped the SyncServices files, OF cannot find my calendars in which to match up contexts to.

I've been an OF user for over a year - and this has *never* wokred for me. Right now, the issue points to OF, as it is not pulling in the iCal calendars.

And, to offer my 2 cents to the To Do Items/Events arguement - why doesn't OF make day long events in the calendar? Or better yet, let us user decide via a preference? Now that's a novel idea, eh?

It would be nice it if worked, which is never has. Maybe if you guys posted details of a more technical nature, then maybe us more expeirenced users can do some more in depth testing.
When there are some common, easy-to-fix scenarios that can cause seemingly anomalous behavior, it's more efficient to rule them out first before diving into the more arcane situations, especially when the support staff doesn't have a good grasp of the technical ability of the person on the other end. Have you previously reported these issues to Omni? It's a bit much to get indignant about slow progress on an issue you haven't bothered to report!

I wish I could share your conviction that being able to sync with your iPhone meant that the sync machinery is all working properly, but I've spent a dozen hours in the last day and a half working with MobileMe tech support tearing apart my 51 calendars and putting them back together again, and it hasn't exactly inspired confidence. I've never had any use for the OF iCal sync functionality, so all my data corruption was done by Apple software. I'd say there's a good chance that both Apple and Omni have some bugs yet to be squashed in this area.
I understand what you are saying, and I appreciate your response. I've been doing tech support for a *very* long time, and I know that silly things can be the cause.

But in this case, I made a point to post something specific, as it was not covered on the board. The remedies that have been suggested actually have moved the situation backwards (no calendars listed in OF Prefs).

So there are probably one or two issues here - either the Sync Services are wacky, or something is up with OF, or both. Through my years of software development, the one thing that we have always had touble with is syncing up databases. So I am not surprised that there are issues surrounding it. But I would expect this to be working in the most basic sense, what I am trying to do is not that complex, and OF probably woldn't have been released is this didn't work.

I wonder. I am using Google calenders as well - they were set up using their ( Maybe the activities of that program has interfered.
You definitely should get in contact with the support ninjas, as that will keep your case in their crosshairs in a way that posting on the user forum will not.

One thing that might be worth trying is making a fresh user account on your computer, then copying over your OF installation and a backup of your calendars to that account. Don't configure it to sync with MobileMe (or anything else) just yet, just see if you can get the OF<->iCal linkage working properly. There are too many people complaining that iCal makes to dos instead of events; some of them must have actually gotten something into their calendar :)

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