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It looks like we have a lot of new visitors looking for the OmniWeb 5.5 sneaky peek builds. Welcome!

The download link for OmniWeb is on the sneaky peek page, but the sneaky peek downloads also require a password--which you'll find within the OmniWeb 5.5 private forum.

Note that anyone who registers with our forums will be granted access to the "private" forum (usually within a minute), we just didn't want to open it up to anonymous access until we're ready to post a public beta (which we're hoping to do soon).

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy OmniWeb 5.5!
quel mot de passe me faut'il pour pouvoir acceder a omniweb?
excuse my english,what serial number i must have to finish downloading of omniweb 5.5 merci
Originally Posted by jbas2405
quel mot de passe me faut'il pour pouvoir acceder a omniweb?
excuse my english,what serial number i must have to finish downloading of omniweb 5.5 merci
A few lines in French to try and make it easier to understand just in case:

Comme le dit Ken, le mot de passe se trouve dans le "private forum" (suit son lien)
Une annonce mentione la dernière version disponible et offre un lien vers un second message avec des instructions plus génériques. le lien pour télécharger et le mot de passe en question.
C'est un peu compliqué sans doute, mais ça permet de s'assurer que tout le monde lit bien les instructions et limitations (qui ne sont qu'en anglais malheureusement). Bien sûr, si l'anglais est un peu difficile à suivre, ça ne facilite pas les choses ;)

Reposte si tu as toujours des soucis après ces explications.
I'm a novice Mac user but stumbled upon OmniWeb on the TUAW site and downloaded the 5.5 beta.
I've really enjoyed using the app and would like to purchase BUT I have a few questions (remember, I'm a novice).
1) Will I need to uninstall this beta before paying, downloading, and installing 5.0?
2) What is going to be different regressing to 5.0?
3) Will the 5.5 be an update I will need to pay for when it's released?
4) What is the best method, downloading the app on Omni's site or purchasing the software in box?

Thanks in advance for your assistance/advice and feel free to fill in with any other information you think might benefit me.
- FYI, I curretly have both 5.1.3 and 5.5sp17 on my Mac and I don't see any problem. Both versions seem to use the same format of bookmarks, cookies, prefs...
- I don't know a thing about the pricing policy for 5.0 vs 5.5, but my v5 licence is currently accepted in 5.5.
- I would download online. It 1) has a smaller ecological footprint ;) and 2) ensures you you have the latest version available. (though I have v 5.1.3 and 5.5sp17, I exclusively use 5.5 - at this point of the beta process, I'm not even sure you'd need 5.1.3 at all anyway). Only drawback... you would have the nice box to keep as a souvenir :)
Cortig - thanks for the quick reply, have any idea where I might be able to get a pricing answer? I'd really hate to pay for 5.0 and then when 5.5 comes out of Beta be told I need to pay for an upgrade............any idea of when the final release is due out?
I'm originally from STL too (my entire family still lives there).

Thanks again.
Hopefully the OmniFolks will pick up your post and reply :) I don't remember reading anything about the upgrade/update path for OW 5.5.
I read today that OW should be Public Beta very soon (a week??) and is nearing release (I have to admit that the app is quite stable on my Mac).
(and I see you've decided to move South... The summers weren't hot enough for you here?? ;) )
I'm hoping someone from Omni does see and respond - thanks.
As for STL summers, lived there for 19 years first go round and then came back for another 8 (after lots of moves to other places) and then have been in San Antonio for the last 14+ years. I went on a fishing trip in late spring to Lake of the Ozarks with some siblings, had a great time!

Thanks again Cortig.
I licensed a copy of the latest sneakypeek lastnight.. i would recommend doing this; especially if you have an intel mac. Just click the Buy License button in the nag screen of your current sneakypeek release and purchase. I'm pretty sure the license will be valid for all updates until omniweb 6.

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