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Adding URLs in quick entry seems a little more difficult than it should be, but perhaps I am missing something:

1. Generic example: I am browsing Craigslist and see a job posting that I want to apply for.

2. I have an extisting project apply for jobs, context office:computer

3. I fire up the quick entry, and drag the URL from Safari's URL bar to the quick entry.

4. Only the title of the positing appears.

5. OK, now I drag it again to the notes field. Voila! URL appears.

6. I attempt to Tab to project and context, but I end up tabbing within Safari

7. I am forced to click into the Quick Entry box, with brings OF forward, hiding Safari.

8. I enter project and context

9. I find my safari window, and keep browsing.

I am missing something, or it this the only way to accomplish this task in OF?
Why not just use the clipping feature?

1) Select some text on the web page (or the URL in the address field, if you want)

2) Hit your clipping shortcut (assigned in OmniFocus -> Preferences -> Clippings)

3) Depending on your preference settings, the clipping either gets sent directly to your inbox or will appear in the Quick Entry window, where you can make modifications (like adding project and context).

Hope this helps.


PS - BTW, there does still seem to be a bug in the Quick Entry window: if you have OmniFocus hidden, bring up the Quick Entry window, bring another app to the front to copy some text or whatever, then click on the Quick Entry window again to give it focus so text can be pasted, sometimes the main OmniFocus window also suddenly appear and come to the front. I think some variation of this bug has been present since the pre-release beta last year.
Another option, more similar to your original workflow: When dragging the URL to the Quick Entry window, don't drop it in the action's Name field (i.e. the field with focus, where you get a green circle cursor with a white plus sign in it).

Instead, drag the URL to the row handle (the area just to the left of the Name field) and you'll get a curved arrow cursor (which means "alias" or "link" in OS X). When you release, the URL is automatically added to the Comments field. And if it's a valid format (which it should be if it came directly from Safari) it'll automatically become an clickable link.

As an aside, if you select and drag the URL itself from Safari's address field, you'll get a link that looks like this:

However, if you grab the favicon from Safari's address field (little icon to the left of the URL) and drag that to the Quick Entry window, you'll get the site's title in the comments field that's a link to the URL. So you'll have a link that looks like this:

The Omni Group

Sorry if you already knew this. :)

Toadling. Thanks for your replies, very appreciated.

1. Clipping seems to be the most functional workflow for the process I outlined above. The only extra step is actually the need to highlight something on the page...

2. Dragging the address field also works in both your and my example, but It still requires dragging twice, and more annoying, the inability to Tab within Quick Entry to complete the project/context.

I understand that Omnifocus is really the pseudo-front application with the Quick Entry box, meaning you want the ability to pull and drop from other apps without making the main OF window appear, so it may be a Cocoa/Apple thing...but it would be nice to be able to navigate with the Quick ENtry window with Tabs...
Originally Posted by apeman88 View Post
...but it would be nice to be able to navigate with the Quick ENtry window with Tabs...
You can navigate with tabs in the Quick Entry window, but only if the window has focus. Or did I misunderstand you?

Yes you can, but I sometimes get not just the Quick Entry window in focus, but the entire App is brought forward. It seems inconsistent in fact, and perhaps even a bug (which I believe you mentioned), because I just tried to reproduce it now and it did not bring OF forward...hmmm
I just copy and paste the URL . . . pretty simple. Does that not work for you?
The more steps something takes to organize the less likely I am to do it.I am trying to fix that ;)

This is less useful to me:
Adding URLs in Quick Entry

Anyway, clipping looks like a *really* great feature that I am exploring.
Yeah, the nice thing about clippings is that they work from just about anywhere (or at least any app that supports OS X Services).

In Safari, I like to select some bit of text that more or less summarizes what the page is about or the part I'm interested in. I then hit my clipping shortcut to bring it up in the Quick Entry window. The name field is highlighted, so I just overwrite the default contents with some useful action name. The web page title appears nicely in the comments as a link to the original page, and the selected text summary is included below it. So when I come back to the action some time later in OmniFocus, it's easy to remind myself what it's all about. :)

And, it works with selected images too!

If it were me i would select the text I wanted and use the Add to Inbox service.

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