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Would you like to see cloning/aliasing in OO4? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Actually, the users who know where to go to ask know to send email to (or use Help->Send Feedback), not post on the forum!
Actually, no. Feedback and emails to Omni are primarily a one-way process. If you take the time to study this thread you will realize that the cloning discussion is way more than simply "whah, I want another bell/whistle" and that the requests have been well communicated to Omni at v1 and ever since, and that Omni to its credit has at least responded.

Cloning is a core function of the best outliners that so far Omni has intentionally chosen not to provide, despite feedback ever since v1 (at v1 we were told "soon..."). Users' time is not free, so lecturing on using additional comms methods to advise Omni of something that has been discussed for years is not particularly appropriate in this particular instance.

Users loss and Omni's loss. I let my old MORE-capable hardware go away because I assumed (we all know what that means) that of course v1 OO would evolve and include such an exponentially-useful capability, so why not shift to a modern outliner? Huge mistake.


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you miss the point. Additional email through the feedback mechanism translates into more development priority. Additional forum posts do not. The previous poster expressed a desire to "vote" for the feature, so he needs to send email, not post to the forum. Doesn't matter whether it is a new feature request, or one made by many before.
Originally Posted by kened View Post
i would find this kind of aliasing/cloning extremely useful. As a teacher I have to plan whole course programs, and OO Pro is a great tool for this. If cloning were possible i could - for example - have repeating features for different lessons simply cloned, so that various items could be a kind of mini template within the document - saving lots of work
Yes. Would be fabulously useful to being able to port a column from one document to another, complete with the dropbox data choices intact.

Once Iíve created a template feature - I donít want to have to go through the pain of duplicating it elsewhere just because they were created from two different templates.

Another feature would be to pull in a .csv file & map correctly to the active destination column, with or without a styles match to the destination document.
You prompted me to look: Leo doesnít seem at all Mac-friendly
& its a little messy to install. It looks like Code Junkie territory.

The install instructions omit all mention of the MacOS - and just discusses Windows & Linux.

Outliner suits me better.

Isnít this topic in the wrong sub forum?

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Cloning is an essential feature.
I'm very disappointed that it didn't make it into OO4.

Please add it right away.
I'm with popcornflix. Please add cloning soon to v 4.

I started using Tinderbox to use cloning, but I much prefer the simplicity of OmniOutliner. I would love to see cloning as it is extremely helpful in a complex outline. I'm sure the OmniGroup would add cloning if it was straightforward, but I imagine it gets more complex when trying to keep the application compatible with the iPad version.
Cloning is sometimes called transclusion. The feature is invaluable for witness examination outlines. Certain topics apply to multiple witnesses. Copying and pasting is not only kludgy but also makes it impossible to ensure that each incidence of a duplicated section is up-to-date. Cloning. Cloning. Cloning. Please. Please. Please.
rhillcfi, this sort of example is helpful. Can you describe more exactly what you need out of this? Specifically, it sounds like at least row status would need to be distinct between related - if you check off a row in one location, you wouldn't want the row to be checked off for any clones, correct? What about other columns - would you need to edit them independently or would they always be identical? It seems like you would want to at least add distinct notes when performing the examination, maybe even new child rows - or is this just an itinerary and the resulting examination notes are captured outside of the document (or at least outside of the transcluded portion)?

Should there be a "master" section, where changes to it get pushed to all the corresponding transclusions which themselves can't be edited (and would deleting the master also delete the clones, or would they simply stop being clones), or should editing any clone cause all of the corresponding clones to change identically? Maybe a clone should get any changes to rows that haven't been modified locally, but changed rows would be left untouched? Do you need a way to "detach" a clone so that it is no longer connected to its clones? Would clones always exist at the same level in a document, or might a top-level section be cloned as a child of another section, for instance? Should there be some kind of visual indication that a section is a clone? Do unrelated clones need distinct visual identifiers? Do you need some way to directly navigate between related closes?

And styles - do you need to change any of the styling of individual clones? If so, is it a limited set of attributes, like you only need to change the background color for instance? Is transclusion really the best match for this, or would a section template actually be a better match, allowing you to start from a consistent configuration but then customize completely? Or some combination, like you want transclusion initially, but when ready to you start an examination the transcluded section(s) would be "instantiated" and exist distinct from the original from then on?

(This feature has had quite a bit of internal investigation, but even the simplest cases have some difficulties, and there have been a number of conflicting requests for what it should entail, so it has been quite a challenging topic. The more concrete examples that we can get, the better.)
Did cloning/aliasing get implemented in 4? I can't tell from this thread.

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