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$40? Seriously? [OmniFocus for iPad Pricing Feedback] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
NO WAY. $40???

They could have made $20 from me but will now get $0.

That's just silly.
I'm in the middle of a three year, $9000 training courses...keeping myself organized and feeling in control in regards to just that one aspect of my life is worth more then $40 to me.
Thanks OMNI. Would have paid twice that for this awesome app that will help my personal life and business in countless ways!
Whilst i'll admit i have a few niggles with the ui, personally I've got no problem with the price. Omni focus in its various forms must have saved/made me thousands of pounds over the past couple of years. At my hourly rate it's only about 15 minutes of my time.

The problem with the app store is that people have become used to the idea that anything over $0.99 is somehow 'expensive' and that totally devalues the work put into a major software project. A dedicated GTD app is not a throw-away impulse purchase like the thousands of stupid novelty iFart apps on the store. I'd hazard a guess that the vast majority of purchases are made by people who know what they want and realize how useful it is..
Omni is just trying to buck the trend that App Store apps for iPhone and Ipads are cheaper than desktop apps.

I wish them luck.
Originally Posted by msurtees View Post
Omni is just trying to buck the trend that App Store apps for iPhone and Ipads are cheaper than desktop apps.

I wish them luck.
As of this writing, OmniGroup has two apps in the top 20 grossing iPad apps list. OmniFocus is currently at the number one spot, and OmniGraffle for iPad---about two months after its release, and with a $50 price tag---is hanging in there as well.

It would appear that OmniGroup is doing just fine with their pricing strategy. ;)
Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but nobody is entitled to disrespect anyone in this forum in my book.

Look, everyone has a different opinion as to how much the program is worth, and we can definitely voice how things are more expensive than we think it should be, but the company has the right to set the price as they see fit, and if we think they are trying to "rob" the buyers (btw, I think $40 is more than reasonable in this case), then we don't have to buy the product, and eventually the company will lower the cost (or go out of business).

At this instant, I don't think Omni is going to lower the price, and if Omni can manage their support better and lower other overhead costs by selling fewer copies at a "premium" price, then so be it. Apple charges a premium price on many of their products as well. Why do people buy premium cars, go to fancy restaurants, etc? Surely, these companies or establishments can attract more customers if they lower the price, but is that wise?

There are many programs that I bought at App Store for .99, 1.99, or 2.99, but they just sit in my iPhone or iPad and gets used only rarely. If I add them up, they would come out to be greater than $40.00. I know OF for iPad will be used every day, and even if I only use it for a year continuously, it would cost about 11 cents per day. I think I can afford to save 11 cents a day for a year to use the program.

Of course, each of us has to decide whether the program is worth the price if is offered at, and nobody should be telling anyone whether it's too much or too low for them.

Just my 2 cents.
23 ($40) was too much, but I paid it anyway. I decided that the ugly interface could be lived with. Even the warty hag might get some cosmetic surgery one day.

Don't complain about the business model though. There are just different ways of doing things. Look at 1Password/Agile Software. I have never seen a bad word written about them. They seem to have a perspective of lets make a lot of people happy with a small price. OG seem to be much more "business-headed" and less hippy-ish. Much more, "squeeze them for how much we can get".

To people who I can see showing an interest in Macs I always recommend Agile. I sometimes recommend OG. I have a warm fuzzy feeling with Agile, but I am smart enough to know that OG don't give a toss about what I think about them.

Is it better to sell less at more or more at less. Only the OG accountants know that.

So pay up if you want the app and don't bother if you don't. There are many more important things in life to worry about.
I actually do think $40 is a little high, and would've loved to have seen some sort of discount for Desktop and iPhone owners. But whatever, they can price it however they want.

I love Omnifocus, but I'm waiting to see what the reviews are for this one, since if I'm going to spend $40, the app better be absolutely amazing.
OmniFocus on the iPad for $40 is still a better deal than Things on the Mac for $60. Better software for less money.

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