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Thanks for dropping in Ken. I'm comforted knowing Omni recognizes the current state of movement. You guys have a demonstarted history of improving OF for the desktop and iPhone, so I know OF iPad will get it's tweaks too.

I think the release you cut for 1.0 was pretty good. I trusted my data with it.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Obviously, in the end we decided it was worth delaying 1.0 just long enough to get the current basic level of drag-and-drop task reordering working, but not worth delaying to implement full-on drag-and-drop reordering including dragging containers around.
thanks Ken for providing insight into the decisions you made in your release process - this makes me feel much better that it wasn't an oversight and that we should be patient :)

I'm more than happy to do most of my rearranging of actions and projects and planning while on my desktop, use my iPhone as the always-with-me inbox, and have my iPad be my dashboard on the run - the forecast view is a promising new direction.

keep it up guys!
I keep trying to tap hold and drag but all i get is a menu with cut, copy, and paste. No handle appears for me.

To promote something to the top of the list (The NEXT ACTION) using cut and paste I must cut and paste the action as second and then cut and paste the top actions as second. (selecting the top item of the list pastes the item after not before it.)

Short of drag, It would be easier if there was a button for each action that moves it up one or hold to move to the top of the list or sub-list. Once at the top it should probably ask if you want to move it to the bottom, promote or move up to the next sub-list.

Even after several point releases the interface is very clunky and it's now up to version 1.2.4. When can we expect that this will get better?

Is anyone working on it ?

This flat out @#$@# !

(hint, it rhymes with ducks)
It sounds like you are doing it wrong. Tap the Edit button; handles will appear at the right end of the rows. Drag actions hither and yon. Tap Done when (wait for it) done. Worth noting: you cannot drag an unnested action to be the last action in a nested grouping, so if that's where you want it, drag it to the penultimate spot first, then drag the last action forward one slot. To do the initial nesting of one action under another, you still have to use the popup editor and the Move button.
I think this might be due to older documentation in OmniFocus for iPad — I'll pass this along!
I bought OmniFocus for iPad today and have spent hours and hours trying to understand why the reorder feature won't work.

The help documentation states this

"To reorder your actions, touch and hold an action then use the handle on the right to drag"

Thanks to last posts I now have the correct method of "hit Edit" in projects view.

Very important to make this clear in the help file I think.
The built-in help is out of date, see my post above for instructions on how to do it.

Omni peeps: please fix this! I appreciate that fixing the built-in help requires getting a new release through Apple, but fixing the online version at could be done this afternoon. Updating the documentation to match the program's UI ought to be a mandatory step on the release checklist...
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
The built-in help is out of date, see my post above for instructions on how to do it.

Omni peeps: please fix this!
Unless I'm looking in the wrong place (Managing Actions and Projects) , OmniFocus 1.2.4 includes up-to-date info on how to move items, as does the website version of the help and pg. 14 of the printed manual.

Elvina, I'm really sorry for the trouble this caused - if you can point us at the incorrect documentation, we'll get that taken care of.

Okay, wait, I just figured out what's going on. We added information on the new method "how to move an item" but didn't strike a reference to the old one. I'll write that up. Sorry for the confusion.
I'm looking at text in the Managing Actions and Projects page that says:

"To reorder your actions, touch and hold an action then use the handle on the right to drag."

If I touch and hold an action in a project view, I get the Cut/Copy/Paste popup. There's no mention that one might want to use the Toolbar buttons to shuffle things around with the drag-and-drop mode, only the mention of using the Move button.

Also, point 5 on the Using the Toolbar page:

"Tap the delete button on the right, followed by delete button, to delete."

That needs some work, as there is no delete button on the right initially.

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