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No worries; we're still listening. :-)

Regarding your need to move selected items to iCal - I wrote an applescript a while back that does that. (You can even add the applescript to the toolbar in your OmniFocus windows and use it like a button.)

Sorry I didn't think to mention that before! Too much blood in the caffeine stream. :-)
I resist having to use a script for something that should be there, especially if it comes from Omni, as I fear it might allow you folks to let that be the solution. I'll try nonetheless, and let you know what I think.
While that's certainly a defensible viewpoint, consider the alternative: time spent implementing features that can be done with a script in the existing product is time that can't be spent implementing features that require actual changes to the application. A quick glance at your recent posts suggests that most of your requests fall into the latter class, so perhaps you should reconsider :-)
? Certainly there are many feature written into Omni anything that could have been left to a user or tech support written script. In fact OF was a replacement of a script laden OmniOutline doc if I recall (not the same end result of course). I doubt Omni is going to leave features out just because they could be implemented with someone's script.
As I look at the 1.6.2 release notes, the vast majority of the changes are things that could not be done by scripting, and of the actual new features, I only see one that could be reasonably implemented by scripting (the ability to sort the Inbox with Edit->Sort -- one could write a script that sorted the contents of the Inbox). Given the size of their requested features list, I doubt they'll spend much effort implementing something that can already be done by a script (especially if there's already a script in existence) unless building it into the application is going to provide a substantial improvement over the script.
Couldn't all of the syncing with iCal be handled via scripts?

One major of the reason for not relying on scripts is because not everyone, I'd assume well less than half of all users, are comfortable or have ever even used scripts.
Possibly it could be, but as I recall the iCal sync support was done as a way of getting one's data onto a mobile device, and using the iCal sync framework was an easy way to get instant functionality with any device that was supported by iSync. This was functionality that Omni wanted to provide, and so they did. If the iPhone SDK had been available to developers at that time, who knows if they would have bothered with the iCal route. My impression is that they feel obligated to support it, but if it wasn't already in the code, no one there would be fighting to put it in. Obviously, I don't speak for Omni, and I haven't had any conversations with anyone at Omni that would give substance to this belief, but it seems to me that we see plenty of talk about things they would like to do, and the only time iCal enters into the conversation is when it would enable something they want to do (like time-based notifications on the iPhone/iPod in 1.5.2).

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