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First of all, I'm also happy with the iPad version of Omnifocus.

Now, I have a question to the handling with contexts.
Some actions are to accomplish at different places and they also are in context with a special person. How can I do it, that I find my actions through the map view, but at the other hand when I will looking for actions with this special person? Unfortunately I can't assign two contexts to one action?

OF doesn't support multiple context. There's an extensive discussion of that over in the main OF for Mac forum. It sounds like the ultimate solution is to allow user-defined metadata and a Contacts column. In the meantime, you could include the person's name in the item title, like "With John, discuss TPS reports.". Then you could search on "John" to see those tasks. It isn't ideal, but might do as a work around.

I've long thought that the one-to-many relationship that Dave Allen implemented for the Context -> Action/Task linkage was a compromise to allow a functional paper based GTD system.

With the introduction of the map feature in OF for iPad, it seems to me it is time to finally implement this linkage as a proper many-to-many relationship. If contexts have locations (@Fedex, for example), it becomes a real hack to generate a task that can be done at any of the 4 Fedex locations I might pass by on a semi-typical day. I can turn dropping off a package at Fedex into a project with 4 parallel tasks, each assigned a context of a specific Fedex location or I can leave it as a task that does not show up on the map. The former method makes the "task" show up on the map (in multiple locations), but requires turning even simple tasks into projects and remembering that the "project" is done when one of the project tasks has been completed. Neither solution is even close to ideal.
Tom, if you're a mobile OF user, you can use the Nearby feature with a business search.

Where ever you may be on your @Errands journey, you can recalculate and find the nearest FedEx.

Of course, in while prototyping this on my iPad, OF iPad 1.0.1 does not behave like my OF iPhone so... bug sent...
I could probably kill half my context list if I could take out the fudges I've made to get around the problem of no multiple contexts.

I know that the idea of multiple contexts seems to offend some fundi-GTD'ers but, hey, if this was implemented they wouldn't have to use it!
The flexibility of tags for such purposes is what makes me keep coming back to Things. You can use tags for contexts, people, etc., as many as you want. Hope OF 2 adds them. There's no reason not to.
After spending the USD 40 on this app I must say I am totally horrified that I can't assign multiple contexts or tags like in things, pocket informant or even in todo!... You may need more than one people context on a matter very very often. It is alf evident that one subject or action may need discussion or agreement with a number of people .. I am CEO of a multinational organization and frequently need to involve multiple contexts with one action or discussion!!... This is a real issue and although I have spent the money unless I can work out a really efficient work around I need to go back to PI which handles this well!!!
Omni offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

For what it's worth, if you have to discuss an idea with multiple people, then that's multiple actions.

Don't tell him that, he's the CEO of a multinational organization!111
As has been said in this forum for years - the single most obvious missing feature is tags. Tags would allow a "research" context to co-exist (as applied to a single task) with a "at desktop" or "on iPad" attribute.

Tags would be so useful when things got out of control; they would allow ad hoc "playlists" of tasks without changing the fundamental context of the action.

Folks that suggest "use flags" must have not many items to do :D

I am WAY too invested in Omnifocus to ever leave, as I am with Apple. I could part with either as easily as parting with, I dunno, a few toes maybe. Not a bad place to be, since both are simply the sh*t (for me), but my only recourse for the "tags" feature omission is to periodically whine on this forum. waaahhh! Give me what I want! lolz :)

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