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I've an action that repeats every month until a special date - so how can I added something like this to OF?

Action DueDate every month on 20th until 20.10.2010

Thank you!
- lms
I don't think there's a way to add a stop date to repeating actions, so you'll have to stop the action manually.

If it's not part of a particular project, you can create a new action in your "Miscellaneous" single actions list. In the inspector, assign the due date to be the 20th, select "Repeat Every" 30 days.

Now add a note to your calendar on 20.10.2010 to remind yourself to delete this action from omnifocus.
Thank you for your help. I wished OF has something like an enddate.

I manage my costs with OF too and it would much more usefull, if I could say "this costs are every month until x" ;)
You can set end dates for repeating events in iCal.
Originally Posted by abh19 View Post
You can set end dates for repeating events in iCal.
How do you mean this?
I'm not sure what you mean by managing costs, but in iCal, you can set a repeating event (Pay $50 to ___) that ends after a certain date.

Remember that OF is not designed for anything other than managing projects and action lists. Some aspects of finances are "actions" and some aren't. Paying a bill and taking your paycheck to the bank are examples of actions, which are appropriate to put into OF. Other aspects of finances—such as displaying or recording your monthly budget—are not appropriate for OF (except transiently, in your inbox). For those things, you'd use a spreadsheet or a dedicated financial program. Only action lists go into OF. The rest is project reference material, and should stay outside of OF.

OF is a great program, and at times I try to use it for stuff that really ought to be kept in a different place. But all that other junk just bogs down OF and interferes with the simplicity that comes from its being dedicated to action lists.

If you're interested in adding end dates to repeating actions, feel free to send an email to the support ninjas. If they get enough interest in a feature, they may implement it in a future release.

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Originally Posted by abh19 View Post
I'm not sure what you mean by managing costs, but in iCal, you can set a repeating event (Pay $50 to ___) that ends after a certain date.
I read that as he just wants to be able to see what upcoming bills there are to pay, and when. If you put in an action to pay a bill, this seems like quite a normal use of OmniFocus -- isn't looking at your future actions something you do often? The only thing being requested here is a somewhat richer set of repeat controls, which I think most of us would welcome.

I would caution anyone doing something similar to remember that a list of future actions will only show the first repeat, as the subsequent repeats are added as the previous one is marked completed. It wouldn't be good to look at the listed actions for the next 3 months, total them up, and assume that's your budget for 3 months, because you'll only have 1/3 of the monthly expenditures shown!

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