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Originally Posted by ksrhee View Post

Now one new feature that might solve your issue might be to have the ability to assign a different context to projects/groups themselves that are different than default context (e.g., projects or action groups), that way, we can track these easily in the context view if they show up.

Again, YMMV.
It seems like there is a traction to this idea; so, let me add some more to this. The beauty of this system is to give users the flexibility one needs to manipulate context views. This is one feature that is possible in LB and I have fully took advantage of this feature (although LB still uses the top-level context for all children views, but you can change those manually). So, if OG implement this feature, it would be even better.

This will give people the ability to separate out projects from actions, hide the projects from certain context views (by putting the context on hold), separate out active projects from stalled projects in the context view (by assigning "review" or other context labels to stalled projects), etc. In other words, in LB, I used the outline view to plan my actions, but I've always used the todo view to act. In other words, during the day, my main view will be my context view (in OF terms), and I would never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks, missing, etc even though I never looked at my outline view in LB (e.g., Project view in OF). In OF, I have to keep going back and forth between two views during the day to ensure this did not happen.

So, hopefully, Omni folks are listening.
Can we start getting updates in the release notes between builds, so we can know what's changed?
Hmmm… new seed released today. Judging from the release notes on the update window, it seems that the developers are sticking to their decisions and not implementing any of the suggestions in this thread. Of course, it's early in the development cycle, and this is only an alpha (or beta?). I'm eager to see how this controversial (among users) build will evolve.
Here are a few of my observations based on past sneaky peek cycles. Interpret them as you will.
  1. The Omni Group seems to work across all versions of a product simultaneously (Mac, iPhone/iPod, and now iPad). The build process between them seems to be automated and connected. Sometimes updates in the app for one platform triggers an update in all platforms, even though there are no recognizable changes in the other platforms.

  2. Sometimes the release notes lag behind the code changes.

  3. Release notes often seem to come in bursts, where you might suddenly see all kinds of stuff added over the past week.

  4. Big changes (like adding a context field to parents) impacts all versions of the product. So I don't think it's likely we'll see a sudden change here until a corresponding iPhone app is also ready.

  5. I'm sure Omni is aware of this issue and, as Curt mentioned, they are probably keeping an eye on this thread. But it pays to thoroughly think things through before rolling out a big change and introducing unnecessary churn. We need to be patient.

What Dennis said. Basically, it's not at all uncommon to see several sneaky peek builds come out with no updated release notes -- it's happened with pretty much every sneaky peek over the past year.

In fact I seem to recall Omni actually stating outright that the builds are generated automatically and sometimes nothing changes because they're all part of the same code base.
You can hide incomplete projects by changing the Availability Filter to "Available".

for me it doesn't work...

(Remember, projects themselves are not considered available until all of their tasks have been finished—at which point you probably want to review a project's status anyway.)

all the project related task are finished and the project (having changed the filter to available...!) stays boldly there...

quite confused, sorry

If you've finished all of the available tasks, then the project should be appearing to prompt you to take further action on it.

The earlier comments refer to the fact that the projects will appear in context view when "Remaining" is selected in the same way as any other blocked tasks. When the filter is set to "Available" the projects are hidden in the same way as other unavailable tasks. Once you complete all of the actions in the project, the only "action" left is the project itself, so you need to check that off to complete it if you're truly finished the project, after which it should disappear.

Alternatively, you can enable the option to "Mark complete when completing last item" in the project properties (in the inspector) and the project will automatically be marked completed as soon as you check off the last item, thereby not showing up in the context view available filter since it's already marked as completed at that point.
it was different...
if a project has a due date even with no action it is visible (also with Available as filter...


Quick post to clear up any confusion: this is a great thread. Big thanks to everyone that's participating; we are paying attention. The suggestions here will help us determine how this should work in the final release of OmniFocus for Mac 1.8.

We're working really hard on iPad apps right now, and we expect that to continue for a while. Since the various apps share code, our iPad app work can cause the build system to put out a new sneakypeek release of the Mac app, even if we haven't directly worked on that project.

In the meantime, folks contributing to this thread should not be discouraged. It's going to be a while before 1.8 is finalized, but when that happens, it's going to reflect the suggestions and ideas here.

Since we do plan to change things before going final, the folks that don't like the new behavior of groups/projects in context mode won't miss out on anything if they switch back to 1.7 for a while. We'll be sure to update the forums when we revisit this.

Thanks again, everyone!
Fixed a bug which could cause duplication of a repeating due project or group during synchronization.
OMG! This has been killing me for months (literally, 2-4 projects a day were being duped. So happy you got it.


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