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This is more of a rant, because I'm not sure how to resolve it, but something seems broken with the badge counts.

In context mode right now, my total red badge count is 9 and my orange badge count is zero, but I see four red actions and two orange ones in the main pane. On the other hand, in planning mode, my total red badge count is 17 (!!!) and my total orange badge count is four. I have the "due soon" preference set to one day, so all the orange badges are actions due tomorrow.

So, OmniFocus, how many actions do I have that are due today and tomorrow? What, can't make up your mind?

Part of the problem is that in planning mode action groups seem to contribute to the total badge number, while in context mode they don't. The second problem is that actions that have both start and due dates of tomorrow contribute to the orange badge count in planning mode but not in context mode. This seems Wrong.

Edit: Oh, I just remembered that in context mode orange badges are overridden by red badges in the same context. So I don't know how the counting is done in context mode; maybe it's the same as planning mode. But certainly what's displayed to the user is not the same in the two modes.

Does it really make sense to present the user with different badge numbers in planning mode versus context mode? I vote that the number of badges should either (a) always be the same in both modes, or (b) correctly reflect the current filter settings so that they agree with the number of actions displayed.

Last edited by Chris; 2007-11-13 at 09:04 AM..
If anyone has a file that is displaying incorrect counts, please log a bug at with the appropriate reproducible steps. Thanks!
CTO, The Omni Group
My point isn't that the counting is incorrect, but that the algorithms seem misguided.

Or do you think my example shows "incorrect" counting? Is the number of red badges supposed to be the same in context mode and planning mode?
I am having a problem with badge counts I don't understand on a simpler level. I have two different single action item boxes. Each contains two actions due soon. One of them has badge count of three. It shows the single-item-box title in orange. It appears to be counting the single action item box as due soon as well as the two actions within it. The other shows a badge count of two, the two items due soon inside the box, which is what makes sense to me. On this one the title of the single item box is not orange.

Is there a purpose to counting the box as due soon? If this is the case why might these two boxes be showing different counts for what looks to me like an identical situation? Also should the title of the box be orange or not if it contains items that are due.

Thank you

Last edited by MichaelG; 2009-09-02 at 12:14 AM.. Reason: Added details
It sounds like you have assigned a due date to the single action list that is displaying its name in orange.
I think Greg is right. It sounds lke you have a due date set on the SAL itself. So the two contained actions are implicitly due *and* the list itself is due, for a total of three items. That would also explain why the title of the SAL is orange.

I didn't even realize SALs could have due dates. That's what it is. I feel a bit dense at the moment.

Thank you for your help.

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