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The new blog post is encouraging, but I'm still left with a question: How exactly does OmniFocus handle files and URLs attached to an action? The feature list in the blog post says file attachments are supported, but I don't see that feature in the screenshot. Is it as easy and intuitive as OmniOutliner? Can I drag and drop a file onto an action to attach it? Can multiple files be attached to the same action? And I have the same questions for URL attachments...
You will be able to place file attachments and links to URLs in your notes, which will work much as they do in OmniOutliner.
Sounds great! But how do you access the notes? I assume you'd get to them via those square icons shown in the screenshot, the ones all in a column just to the right of the contexts. Does clicking on one of those icons reveal a note area underneath the action (like OmniOutliner's inline notes)?
Yes, the notes interface will work exactly like OmniOutliner's inline notes.
Originally Posted by Ken Case
Yes, the notes interface will work exactly like OmniOutliner's inline notes.
The blog post and video look great for management of projects, tasks and contexts. The other critical component is the efficient management of project data in association with projects and tasks. The implementation of notes and links is crucial for this. For example, notes need to be available at both the task and the project level (not just task only). Notes should be able to support list styles (or--better yet--their own outlines). Notes text style and color should be settable as a preference. It would be beneficial if notes could be opened in a separate window, or if the separate pane view from OmniOutliner could be expanded easily to full height. Notes should accept dragged file references, folder references and URLs that all directly open with a click (I assume this will be the case, similar to OmniOutliner). You should be able to generate tasks or subprojects easily from notes that have been made previously at the project level.

Alternatively, some of the more demanding notes functionality might be delegated to OmniOutliner if there was a way to rapidly create an OmniOutliner document and link it to a project or task while working in those views in OmniFocus. This would need to be done in a way that would allow the document to be opened quickly from OmniFocus with minimal friction. Going the other way, a topic in OmniOutliner might be draggable to create a project, subproject or task in OmniFocus.
Step one.

I would love the idea of having a live projects folder. I connect an item to a project and the corresponding folder gets created in a designated projects folder. Then, everything I add will be copied or moved to that folder. URLs could be downloaded for off-line viewing, no need to have an internet connection to read or review.

All I need then is a script that'll sync a USB stick to that folder and I'll always have my reference material for my current projects with me.

Step two!

Build a reference material library (something like Yojimbo) that connects to OF and create the projects from OF in it when and if I add something, in either application, hit new "collection" and as you type it'll "auto-complete" as the context "auto-completion" works. Both ways.

And, it would still be nice if it would gather my material for me in folders for easy syncing. The applications rsync and "Do something when" comes to mind.

Step three

World domination.
Originally Posted by Ken Case
You will be able to place file attachments and links to URLs in your notes, which will work much as they do in OmniOutliner.
I have been pasting urls into the notes section, "Make Link" turns them blue, but then the next time I open the note, it's no longer blue. Despite the lack of color, "Open URL" does just that.
Huh, so it does! I didn't realize that even that much was already working.

The current (alpha) note interface is not what is planned for 1.0: we're planning to support rich text (with text formatting, links, and attachments), we just haven't gotten to that part yet. (The hard part there isn't the interface, it's saving and loading that information efficiently and letting you edit your attachments even after the associated note stops being visible.)
I really hope that Smart Finder Folders can also be added as attachments / linked attachments to a project. This would be IMMENSELY helpful to anyone using tagging for finder files.

If we have that, then maybe someone can create a script where I can select a tag or multiple tags for a project in OF and it automatically creates attached smart folders with the relevant tagged files.
Smew, that is a fantastic idea. I no longer use the traditional folder hierarchy. Instead, I "tag" all of my files and use smart folders/quick silver searches to find things.

If your specific feature request doesn't happen, there is a work around that I never thought of but am going to implement today. I just realized that you can drag a smart folder into OmniOutliner. The smart folder will appear in a note field or a row. You can click it to access all files tagged with particular spotlight comments.

In addition, it would be good to add relevant websites, tags, and vCards.

Attached is a screen shot of what this implementation might look like on OmniFocus.
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