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Possibility to choose tabs in old style Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Would be nice to switch from OW's tab style to the oldfashion tab bar.
You mean to have the tabs go across the top of the browser?
Originally Posted by dingoltlt
Would be nice to switch from OW's tab style to the oldfashion tab bar.
Why would anyone want to have tabs across the top? (Note that this isn't an attack on the poster, but a simple question)

The main reason I use & love OW is the sidebar tabs. I have occasion to use Safari or Camino and find that navigating the tabs across the top is one of my biggest complaints about their UI.
For one they take less screen real estate.

Also I find that I dont need thumbnails of sites - when browsing forums they all look the same - Text and tables! - so I dont use the thumbnail to choose the correct item.

Personally I also find it much quicker to use a "old fashion" style tab bar as oposed to the thumbnails - I find it is much more work to move the mouse to the side and then up and down over the thumbnails.
To move side to side for oldfashioned tabs I simply move my wrist slightly, for thumbnails down the side i have to move my whole arm back (this is on a high res screen, on lower res screens I doubt this would be as much of a problem)

After saying all that though - i do liek the thumbnail view, and have got used to it (hated it to start). But an option for a oldfashioned tab bar would be welcomed.
I would love an option for the old-style tabs; the current drawer/thumbnail style just bugs the hell out of me. It takes up far too much screen real estate and constantly distracts me. I have a very difficult time changing my focus from a web page to the drawer, since glancing up near the titlebar for tabs is in my muscle memory.

This is the one thing I genuinely don't like about Omniweb; everything else kicks total butt.
Wow, I think that's the first time I've heard someone say they didn't like thumbnail tabs. I really like them

I've got a question about top-tabs, maybe you guys can help me with it. If I've got a site that has the same title on every page, and I've got 20 tabs open, how can I tell which one is which? Also, say I've got 30 tabs open so each one shows only the first couple letters, how do you tell which one is which site?

Btw, if you don't like the thumbnails you can switch to the list view. you can also resize it so that it's small an you only get a letter or two from the title of each page, just like regular tabs. ;)
I think your preference largely depends on how many tabs you typically have open in a window at any one time. For my style of browsing where I have tens of tabs open at any one time in the same window, the conventional tab model is simply awful. You can't tell what tab is what and anything beyond the e.g. tenth tab is shoved into a pop-up menu and is not remotely easily accessed while the remaining tabs are reduced to useless nothingness in terms of the information they display.

If you only ever have three tabs open in a window then it is OK.

The biggest advantage to me of the vertical tab drawer (other than the visual cue as to what each tab contains which is a given) is that I can use my scroll wheel with it to quickly find tabs that are currently off screen. The second biggest advantage is the visual cue for rearranging tabs to group them. With a conventional tab bar this is nigh on impossible to achieve effectively.
I'd be perfectly happy with a hidden setting in the plist to change the layout. Just *something* so I don't have the big, honking draw and thumbnails (and no, I don't find the "condensed" tabs in the drawer acceptable, either; the drawer is the problem, really.)
The real issue is that people with small screens (1024x768) have to scroll side to side when using sidesaddle tabs and visiting a wide website (

That's why I can't use omniweb as my primary. I spoke with the folks at the omnigroup and this addition is not going to happen. They have other priorities.

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