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Two features would make OO the most powerful tool for organizing thoughts available.

One, as noted elsewhere in the forum, would be the ability to filter based on column content.

The other would be to show the main subheadings of a hoisted topic in the utility drawer so that at deeper levels of an outline I could use drag & drop to reorganize a subset of the outline. The current ability to reorder an outline at the top level by dragging to topics in the utility drawer is fantastic, and I'd love to see it extended to all depths of the hierarchy. Apologies if this feature is already available; if so I haven't figured out how to access it and a how-to tip would be welcome.

Well, I still vote for filtering but figured out how to access subtopics in the utility drawer for drag & drop reorganizing. I am sooooo embarrassed it is so easy. Just click on the icon for the topic with subtopix. Never mind.
I love and use OmniOutliner all of the time. However one thing I would like is a zoom function. When I print my outlines a 12pt font or so works fine. However on my screen that can be a bit small-ish. Rather than having to manipulate the actual font in the document could you folks add a zoom-in/zoom-out function?
Thank you.
Ad Astra Per Aspera,
i think this, along with cloning and aliases, is one of the most oft-requested new feature. it seems pretty fundamental to me (and my strained eyes - i use a MacBook) , but doesn't seem likely any time soon.
the omni people tell us that it's quite complex to implement - but being a Scrivener user (which that application's developer openly acknowledges - is heavily influenced by OO's look and feel) and constantly use its zoom capabilities, i really don't know why this isn't being priorotised in OO. O well, i suppose we have to wait for 4.00
We're very keen to have this feature ourselves; in fact, we tried implementing this for several of our 3.x releases. We were able to get all of our code drawing at the scaled size, but some attachments (like QuickTime movies) are rendered by system code which refused to scale properly. So we ended up pulling the feature rather than have things draw incorrectly.

We think all of those bugs might finally be fixed in Leopard, so we plan to try implementing this feature again in OmniOutliner 4.
Ken: Thanks for the update.

This one feature is sooo important that it ranks only behind the Iraq war and Middle East negotiations on my list of priorities!

I rarely add in QT attachments and the like in OO. I would gladly (nee, VERY very gladly) download 2 versions of OO: one with font scaling/zoom and one without (kind of like PPC and Intel versions). I could use the non-scaling one for that 1% of the time I needed it. But literally every day I use OO with text only, and each of those days I'm reminded of this issue. As it is I've made a compromise: on-screen text small for my eyes, print font size too big.

The good news for OmniGroup is I use this piece of software every day. The bad news is the constant reminder of the lack of zoom functionality when all of my other relevant text-based apps have it.

I use MS Word's outline view, which I find pretty darn good, because the keyboard shortcuts allow me to move items around with ease. I have used OO for a month, and I found it harder to move things around. For example,

Heading 1
Subheading 1
Subheading 2
Heading 2
Heading 3

In OO, if I want to move Subheading 1 down under Heading 2, I have to promote Sh1, move it down, then demote it to get it under H2: 4 keystrokes.

In MSWord, all I have to do is to move the item down: 2 keystrokes, and it's a lot easier because I don't have remember to move left and right (moreover, if I do forget to promote, the cursor jumps, and I end up moving Heading 2 down below Heading 3).

What is the reason for this restriction? Is there going to be an opt-out in OO4? I'm interested in buying OO for all its other features, but ease-of-use is the most important.
will make OO even more usable and will safe time for formatting/reformatting cycles before printing which takes away from the willingness to use the program in some cases.
looking forward to it.
Originally Posted by Jody Severson View Post
Well, I still vote for filtering
+100 for filtering. Until OmniOutliner has it I will continue to be forced to use other tools.

Add to filtering the ability to have multiple windows on the same document and you are really getting somewhere :).

Originally Posted by kristian View Post
will make OO even more usable and will safe time for formatting/reformatting cycles before printing which takes away from the willingness to use the program in some cases.
looking forward to it.
Why not just use the Universal Access global ZOOM features built into the Mac OS RIGHT NOW to do all the zooming you like?

It takes just a little time to get used to how it works, but once you do, you can zoom in, pan around your document, and edit text pretty simply - then zoom out and "put away" the zoom environment until you need it again.

Universal Access isn't JUST for the disabled after all - its a great tool for ANYONE who needs to momentarily overcome the inability to see stuff like small text perfectly.

For what it's worth.

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