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Why it's smart to be grateful to Omni Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
First of all I don't work for Omni! I don't even know any of their staff by name in any way, shape or form.

I know many of users have had frustrations.

But I KNOW Omni has worked feverishly as Apple has bounced them all over the place with this MobileMe launch.

How do I know? Every time I launch the alpha I see a new version where they are trying to fix something--often an Apple bug.

I KNOW Steve Jobs doesn't apologize unless he's cornered into a mountain of facts. Apple has been out of SYNC with the iPhone - literally.

To be fair: Sync is one of the unbelievably difficult things in computing and outsiders simply cannot appreciate this fact.

So again--hats off for fine work and vigilance and patience and thank you, fine programmers at Omni!
I'm just wondering how long it will take the various parties involved to turn everything into a git repository. Version tracking and synchronisation solved in one fell swoop :)

But I agree with you, champion effort from Omnigroup getting such high quality software out with the pressures they're under.
Grail I personally like ore control over my versioning. I like how it has evolved where programs will auto-detect and offer to upgrade--and even relaunch an app if open.

Consider how much progress this represents compared to five years ago.

Sync, once defined, should be seamless in my opinion.
I'm extremely impressed with the syncing of OF. It's one of the best implementations I've ever seen... and I've used a lot, from Palm syncing, to missing sync, to Apple's syncing.

From my experience with syncing, it is much harder to accomplish than it seems like it should. Tracking time and calendars is also much harder to accomplish than a user thinks it should be.

OF has done a tremendous job with it.

For instance, I can press the home button on the OF phone anytime during syncing, the OF application quits immediately in the middle of a sync. When I open it back up, the syncing continues. An interruption on a process that is that sensitive is impressive.

It's also impressive how responsive OF is when pressing the home button. Many less complicated applications do not quit so easily.

I've also been noticing if I sync two times in a row, without changing the data, the second sync is faster. I've used applications where it didn't matter if you synced or not, the application would not sync any faster. This can be extremely frustrating when a user is waiting 5 to 15 minutes for a sync to complete, and no data has changed. It tells me the syncing happening in OF is efficient and intelligent.

I've also been impressed with how quickly OF syncs on my 1st gen iPhone using edge network.

I think the forums naturally attract more negative data than positive data, as most people won't come to the forum unless they are having a problem. (myself included). I'm sure Omni group knows this, and takes a great many deep breaths when supporting it's users. It can still be difficult working so hard on an application and seeing more negative on the forums than positive.

Sometimes I wonder what will AI think of humans, when it has devoured the information on the web?
Yep - Omni's done a great job with syncing. It's made my life so very much easier.

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