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Does the link back require MailTags? Thanks!
No. Zooids script puts a link in the notes field. It will take you back to the original email wherever you filed it.
Originally Posted by johnrover
What would the syntax be to set the context to a nexted context, ie: @home –> @onLatop –> email?
I have only been able to get it work for a top level context. I can't wait for someone to take this to the next level.
Originally Posted by steve
No. Zooids script puts a link in the notes field. It will take you back to the original email wherever you filed it.
I caught the notes field part of it. I don't have QuickSilver installed, but if I select the "message://..." URL, right-click, and choose Open URL, then nothing happens. I know that MailTags supports the "message://..." scheme. So I guess my question is does the link back require MailTags and/or QuickSilver?

(Not to start a launcher war, but I've been using Butler after becoming frustrated with crashes in QuickSilver plus broken multi-pasteboard support.)

I actually have a script drafted that handles link back with just OmniFocus, with no need to open the notes field. But I need to figure out how to access the selected action using a script--question pending in another thread.

Perhaps I spoke prematurely. I use both mailtags and quicksilver, but I didn't think that either played a role in zooids script. If I had to guess, I would say that mailtags is involved. After installing it, I noticed "copy url" in the edit pulldown of the Zooids, are you out there?
For those without mailtags, the following snippet will produce a file URL that works either via QuickSilver or right-click-menu:

	set theAccount to account of the mailbox of selected_message
	set emlxPath to ((the account directory of theAccount) as text) & "/"
	set emlxPath to emlxPath & (name of (mailbox of selected_message) as text) & "."
	if (account type of theAccount) as text is "imap" then
		set emlxPath to emlxPath & "imap"
	end if
	set emlxPath to emlxPath & "mbox/Messages/"
	set emlxPath to emlxPath & id of the selected_message
	set emlxPath to emlxPath & ".emlx"
	set message_url to "file://" & emlxPath
Note: I have one IMAP account and it occasionally creates message files of the form:


I have not yet figured out how to test for this and correct the URL.
This type of script is fabulous! Although I'm using the one I found for Entourage at, I wanted to share a useful way for implementing this kind of script that will work with any e-mail program that supports rules which allow you to run applescript.

In Mark Hurst's book "Bit Literacy", he presents some great ideas for e-mailing tasks to a web-based task management program. By using e-mail rules and applescript, you can apply some of those ideas in a stand-alone e-mail client and OmniFocus.

The basic idea is to use e-mail rules to automatically add e-mailed asks to your OF inbox, and optionally then delete the e-mail, all without any user action (because the rules process them automatically). This way, you (or someone else, like your spouse), can send tasks directly to your OF inbox without you having to manually add the tasks from e-mails. You can also BCC yourself when you send someone an e-mail, automatically creating a task to remind yourself to follow up with that person later, etc. - VERY useful.

To do this, I created a dummy e-mail address on my domain, e.g., and created two rules in Entourage (again, any e-mail client that allows you to create a rule that runs applescript will work). Rule #1: If an e-mail is received with any TO recipient being, run the applescript to add the task to OF then delete the e-mail. Rule #2: If an e-mail is received with any CC or BCC recipient being, run the applescript to add the task to OF but leave the e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

To remove the need to create a dummy e-mail address to support this kind of rule processing in your e-mail client, these scripts could be expanded to strip out something like "todo" at the start of the subject line, so your e-mail program could still identify the e-mail as a task but the OF task wouldn't include "todo" at the start of every task.

Other ideas for expanding on the script would be to also add optional tags to the e-mail subject line to denote context, project, start date, due date. For example, set context by including @... in the subject, project by including ##..., start date by including ((..., due date by including ))... etc. For each of these, the user could use " " to include arguments that have spaces, or no " " for one-word arguments. The script could parse the subject line and set these things whenever they are included, and skip them when they are not, and set the task to the text which appears in the subject before any of these tagging characters are used.

For example...the following e-mail subject line would create a task in your OF inbox called "research applescript for omnifocus" with a context of "home", project "task management", start date of the coming saturday, and due date of 8/1/2007:
todo research applescript for omnifocus @home ##"task management" ((saturday ))8/1/2007
I hope this is helpful. Thanks to zooids for the Mail applescript and to for the Entourage script!!!!!!!!!
Is there someone who can tell me why I can't download the attachment? I'm registered and all that, and have flushed my cookies several time to freshen it up, but I continue to get the log in screen when I try to download 'em. Thanks in advance.
does this script still work with the latest releases of OF? I just installed it and it’s not working.

I use Act On. I put the script into my ~/library/scripts folder and then chose that script to be executed within the rule, but nothing is happening. I created a context called “Mail”, but nada.
zooids script for creating actions from Mail messages was superseded by mine, available here. Mail Act-On is still in beta testing for Leopard.

yeah, I'm using act on in leopard and it’s fine.

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