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I'll raise my hand for OO on iPhone.

As a new platform, it would be terrific to have OO as part of the essential toolset. OO often generates talks, subject papers, articles which wouldn't evolve from OF workflow. Thanks.
I totally get that you're pushing for OF on the iPhone, np. But as OF is a superset of OO, isn't there anyway to have a simple way to import by OO docs with a 'view all' perspective so I can do simple view/editing on the iPhone?

Btw, I'm one of those big GTD users that *doesn't* use OF as it is just too damn complicated for me. OO is simple, lightweight, and let's me 'draw outside the lines' when I need to.
Neither app is a superset of the other - each application has a feature set that includes features that the other doesn't have. When/if we do an OmniOutliner iPhone app, it'll have to be a separate application.
Love OO, would crave it for the iphone. You know how many good note taking apps are on the app store now? None. Evernote sorta qualifies, but its more note organizing (and tied to the evernote cloud), than mere notetaking. Apple notes are hoorible, not only because you can't sync, but also the paper background, the lack of features, no sense of order other than chronological, just overall little thought put into it. I'm sure if anyone can deliver its the good ninjas at omni.
Add another vote for OO for iPhone!
One more vote. I don't see myself buying OO unless I can look forward to an iPhone app.
I too would love to be able to keep a sync'd OO document on my iPhone. I do use OmniFocus, but not really for brainstorming. For that, I'm all about OO. I just put together some ideas, and would love to at least VIEW them on the iPhone, but alas, I have few options.
Desperately need a great list manager on my iTouch. Use OF and OF iPhone everyday, but as any GTDer worth their salt knows... You have to have lists of non-actionable items/projects. I need to have my OO Someday/Maybe list on my Touch. Would gladly plunk down another $20 for it.
I'd like to add two votes.

One for OmniOutliner for iPhone.
And the other for focusing on iPhone OmniFocus!

Please do both, but by all means, make the currently shipping product your first priority. I'm very happy with OF for iPhone so far. I've never really gotten off the ground with the Mac version -- even though it is much more powerful. Having my GTD system in my pocket at all times seems like it was the missing piece, because now I'm not only creating projects and tasks, but checking my lists for things to do, and getting things done!

And to be entirely honest, I think you guys did a much better job on the iPhone version than the full-blown desktop app. The UI is far more intuitive and less confusing, and I actually find myself pulling out the iPhone version even when I'm sitting at my desk. It's easier to use, it launches 10 times faster, and has all the same information.

But I would seriously love to have a general outliner as well.

I've been using Zenbe "Lists" on the iPhone so far. It's better than the basic "Notes" app, but not by much. You're limited to a single, flat list of lists, and only a single level of items (i.e. no grandchildren). You can rearrange list items, but at the top level the lists themselves are sorted alphabetically. At the very least, it does let me move list items up and down, but mostly all it does is make me wish I had an Omni tool for the same job.

That said, I've been thinking about lists and outlines on the iPhone, and I really don't think a full-scale version of OmniOutliner is going to work on such a small screen (not to mention within 128 MB of RAM). You'd have to rethink how you're going to present and edit attributes that apply to all rows (i.e. columns). And with all the (much-deserved) talk about replication and other advanced features in OO4, the gap between what a mobile device can and should do, and what the desktop version of OO4 is capable of, is only going to become greater.

So it seems to me that perhaps it shouldn't be called "OmniOutliner", or the name should at least have a modifier like "Pocket" or "Mobile". Whereas OmniFocus for iPhone manages to do most of what the desktop version can do, and supports syncing the data back and forth, I can't imagine getting near feature-parity in this case (to the point of at least being able to view documents that use features not editable on the mobile version).

So maybe...think small? Tabula rasa...what are the most essential elements of an outline? Which features of desktop OO would cripple the basic purpose of the product if they were missing? I don't know. You guys figure it out. I'll buy it.

In the meantime, I very much appreciate that your time is focused on OmniFocus, because it's quickly becoming a central part of how I plan everything.

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