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I Want to email tasks from OF Mac the same way I do from OF iPad? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Seems like something you might want to consider bumping up the schedule Brian, as it's clearly a functionality that your loyal users are demanding! :)
Also when you guys do it be sure to allow multiple tasks to be emailed at once. Download a copy of 2Do and look at how they deal with multi selection and contextual tasks within their list views and follow this as a standard to update the OF iOS devices to. Please. Thanks.

And yes, I've submitted this as a feature request ;^)

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I just finished up an Applescript that might fit your bill:
I wrote my own script to get the iPad's email feature.
It could be improved, because i'm just replacing blanks, in further version it would be useful to replace other strings like: ', ", /, ...
At the moment they break the omnifocus url.

It would be useful if somebody could post an link generated with the iPad version full of special characters.

Have fun, but keep in mind, that it'll only work if you have plain text without special characters inside your task and note!!

Only one selected task can be send...

-- by competition
tell application "OmniFocus"
	tell front document
		tell document window 1
			set theSelectedItems to selected trees of content
			if (count of theSelectedItems) = 0 then
					display dialog "No task selected!"
				end try
				set theName to name of item 1 of theSelectedItems
				set theNote to note of value of item 1 of theSelectedItems
				-- No empty notes
				if theNote is "" then
					set theFinalNote to ""
					set theFinalNote to "&note=" & my replaceString(theNote, " ", "%20")
				end if
				set omniLink to "omnifocus:///add?name=" & my replaceString(theName, " ", "%20") & theFinalNote
				tell application "Mail"
					set myMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"Omnifocus: " & theName, content:omniLink}
					set visible of myMessage to true
				end tell
			end if
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

-- Replace spaces
on replaceString(theText, oldString, newString)
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldString
	set tempList to every text item of theText
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to newString
	set theText to the tempList as string
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""
	return theText
end replaceString
Hi, I tried searching "email action" and could not Di ad anything.

When I create a action, waiting for someone, I Like to email them with the information. Right now I can drag the action to Mail and it creates a link in the body. I then have to copy and paste the notes. Is there a better way (like on the iPad?

What I would like is something that does:
subject line = the action name
Email body = the notes

Merging this post with an existing thread that has the info you're looking for. Hope this helps!
Thanks Brian!

Now, I'm not an AppleScript guy. (so bear with my ignorance here)

Is there a completed file that I can download? How would you install/reference it?

Thanks on advance for the help!

Unless I forgot how to install scripts for omnifocus, I'm getting some weird behavior out of what you've written. I'm no pro. Actually I can't even write the stuff, so take this for what it's worth. When I select an item in OF and run the script Mail successfully opens a new message. However, the return I get is like this:

omnifocus:///add?name=250%20words%20about%20projecting%20having %20fun%20vs%20having%20fun&note=projecting%20fun%2 0is%20dangerous.%20can%20it%20be%20useful?%20if%20 you%20put%20that%20energy%20out%20and%20it%20refle cts%20back%20on%20you%20then%20it%20starts%20a%20p ositive%20feedback%20loop,%20at%20which%20point%20 you've%20gained%20energy%20and%20no%20longer%20nee d%20to%20project%20fun%20in%20order%20to%20have%20 fun%20and%20simply%20BE%20FUN%20within%20your%20en vironment.%20This%20is%20what%20dad%20meant%20by,% 20'Your%20state%20of%20being%20effects%20the%20roo m.'%20'You%20are%20the%20author%20of%20your%20own% 20experience.'%20And%20finally%20the%20hated,%20'F ake%20it%20till%20you%20make%20it.'

Any ideas why that's happening? I wish it weren't because this would be the script I am DYING FOR. YOU HEAR ME SUPPORT NINJAS?!?!?!? I AM DYING FOR THIS TO WORK!!!
Never mind! I figured it out with some clicking and deleting. However, SUPPORT NINJAS, I would still really, really love to see this little tiny feature implemented in an edit menu or something like that. Thanks :)

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