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Another surprised user here. It's even more expensive than the Professional edition of OmniOutliner which is a much more versatile program.

OmniFocus is pretty cool but in the end it's 'just' a todo list on steroids. I know it's aimed at the business professional and I've seen that a lot of work went into this, but IMO the OmniGroup is aiming a bit too high here.

Don't get me wrong, I think OmniFocus is pretty cool but $40 or $50 max would have made much more sense to me.
I disagree with the complaints on price, and I entirely disagree with the idea that OmniFocus is 'just' a "to-do list on steroids."

I am pretty sure that many, many people have no problems handling their responsibilities and workload without something like OmniFocus.

I conceptually understand that there are human beings who have the inherent organizational capacity to handle my responsibilities and workload without a tool like OmniFocus.

I also know, without I doubt, that I am not one of those people! If I want do the job I expect of myself, I need a powerful organizational tool behind me. Thus, I am quite willing to pay what it costs to get that tool.

I suspect that there are many others like me who feel the same way, and who will not accept a tool that is anything other than ironclad. Quality requires work-hours, and work-hours require cash.


Given the price other task/planning programs in the Windows world, I'm not sure the price is too excessive. Beside most folks will take advantage of the presale anyway.

Most of the power users I'm sure are also Omni Outliner Pro users, and get even more discount.

I really don't think OF is for casual planners, and those folks won't pay even $40 for a program like this anyway.

I think OF offers a lot of promise, and if the higher price will allow Omni folks to continue to develop the program in the future to add more features, then I'm all for that.
I have bought plenty of software that I use only occasionally or never (including OmniOutliner, which is great software, but I don't really outline much ... ). In comparison, when I consider how much productive use I am getting out of it, OmniFocus easily ranks in the 99 percentile of any software I (soon will) have ever purchased. Personally, I would feel I was still getting tremendous value at $179 if that were the price.

Last edited by otter; 2007-11-17 at 05:17 AM..
The price surprised me too. But the Educational and Upgrade rates are good as people have noted. Actually the presale discount gets a lot of asses in gear... And given the interest in the product, it's likely sales will be brisk.

This level of price was prefigured in the pricing for OmniPlan, which was in another price league from the rest of your offerings.

You have superior software and a serious team of people and mouths must be fed, well done to you all.
I'm a great fan of OmniFocus and will happily purchase a copy at the pre-order price -- it is a great program.

I seriously doubt it will sell at $80 retail. iGTD, while not as good as OmniFocus, does much of what is needed and is free! I think it will be really tough to sell at this retail when there is a free alternative that gets one perhaps 80% of the way there.

I guess we'll see in the months after release.
Just another "Me, too" post -- I've already pre-ordered, but I honestly can't say that I would have paid $80 for OmniFocus.
I was introduced to OmniFocus through a co-worker. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but pre-ordered anyway. Faith in Omni!
Productivity tools save time save money, great productivity tools may cause less gray hairs, at least for me in my work. I would plop down $200 for a program like this. Let's face it, there is no equal or we would be in that camp moaning for a release date. ;)

It may seem high, but you will get your return on investment.

IMHO, I own OOP3 but it seems to be a weird program for me. Outlining it does well, but I have never really seemed to find a niche for that program. I have a book started in it, a database of information regarding another project, and gerenal notes but after all that use, I can't put my finger on what it's primary purpose is and I find it a little hard to use to be honest.

OF, different story. It has a purpose and it is clear. Like OG, it is da' bomb...

Last edited by dude; 2007-11-18 at 09:29 AM..
Ker-ching indeed. Best money i've ever spent.

I think when newbies see Ethan's demo videos they'll pretty quickly grasp the value of OF and think it worth the price. And I'll certainly be recommending it to family and friends.

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