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Ive watched the videos and read the tips and still have zero luck. If anyone has it working well please let me know some things I could try. I've been hoping for this since I got my 4S and I'm getting very frustrated.
I am similarly unable to get Siri to work at all. I have followed the instructions exactly as outlined in this forum, but no reminders are added to OF, even though they are in the reminders app. Have tried several different reminders; none have worked.
I'm debating trying a reinstall of OF and see if it helps.
I deleted the OF App. Then reinstalled and resynced with the OF server. All seems ok for now.
Originally Posted by SharedKnowledge View Post
I deleted the OF App. Then reinstalled and resynced with the OF server. All seems ok for now.
Hey, I just got mine working as well. I had my reminders list spelled wrong (should have been OmniFocus with the two caps), and I didn't realize that I had to completely quit OF, and re-launch, to get the reminder data in.

Did you ever determine why yours wasn't working?

No I tried every step and tip multiple times. The only thing that fixed it was a full uninstall/reinstall.
weak. (unfortunate) Glad you got it up.

I'm stoked about the new function, but I was already finding the "speak directly into OF entries" function pretty bad-ass.

good luck with it!
Even after a complete re-installation nothing is working for me. I have tried everything else mentioned here as well without success.

Here is what I have verified or done:
(1) Reminders are syncing to the cloud. (they show up on my iPad
(2) OF has iCloud enabled, and indicates successful connection when turned
(3) I have tried with two list names (Reminders) and (OmniFocus) YES I
used the right capitlzations, and I completely shut down and restarted the
OF app on my iPhone.
(4) I chose simple task "Remind me to call Tom at 4pm", and I chose these
to avoid potential conflicts or issues with Contexts/Locations.

When this still didn't work, I deleted OF from my iPhone completely and
reinstalled it. I then tried the same things mentioned above.

Still nothing . . .

Last edited by bgz101; 2011-11-20 at 05:20 AM.. Reason: Hit save too quick. ;^)
Does it work if you add something to the reminder list by hand?
Originally Posted by bgz101 View Post
Even after a complete re-installation nothing is working for me.
I'm happy to try to help diagnose things here: it benefits others who might be in the same boat. But I don't always have time to check the forums, so you might get a faster response from our tech support ninjas, either by email at or by telephone (during business hours) at 1-800-315-6664.

That said, let's back up: what exactly is and isn't working? If I understand correctly:
Working: The task is going into Reminders, and you're seeing it synced to your iPad.

Not working: When you open OmniFocus, it doesn't capture your task.
Is that much correct? If so:

The next thing to do is to make sure your tasks are syncing between your devices through iCloud (and not another service, such as MobileMe or Exchange), and that the reminders list in iCloud is the one OmniFocus is looking at. By default, there's just a single iCloud reminders list, named "Reminders", and that's where OmniFocus looks. But if you've customized your reminder lists (or migrated them from MobileMe) it might be called something else, and OmniFocus won't find it.

Another possibility is that you have a second reminders list named "OmniFocus", in which case OmniFocus will only look at that list and ignore the content of your default "Reminders" list. If that's the case for you, you can either remove that extra OmniFocus list or make sure you add your tasks to it (perhaps by making it your default list).

So, here's your next step:
Please open your calendar on and check your synced Reminders.
Are your reminders showing up there at all? If so, great: that's confirmation that your reminders are in fact syncing with iCloud and not some other service.

On iCloud, do you have a single reminders list named "Reminders" (the default setup, which works great with OmniFocus), or is the reminders list called something else? (Or do you have more than one reminders list?)

Sorry for all the questions; hopefully we'll be able to get Siri capture working for you soon!

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