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Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
It's not our intent to force people into upgrading to version 2 because version 1 stopped working for them; it's our job to make version 2 better and better until everyone using version 1 feels it's worth upgrading.
So, why the complains? It's beyond my comprehension.

And regarding the pricing, good companies (not only for their owners but also to their customers) don't lower the price, but increase the quality. And that's I expect to happen with OF2 for iPhone.
Version 2 is an outstanding upgrade and -- for me -- a delightful surprise. Frankly, the $20 barely seems to cover the value I receive on a daily basis from OmniSync Server and OmniPresence.

If you cannot find a way to lever an extra $5 or $10 of value out of OmniFocus every year then, by all means, reassess your personal use case.

This software can change your career for the better. Has Microsoft Project ever done that? Now all I need is for my iPad version of OmniFocus to work with iOS7. Support Ninjas where are you?
Personally I am looking forward to upgrading to iOS7 at which point I will upgrade to OF2.

However the issue I have (as someone who still finds aspects of OF confusing as opposed to my other GTD system which is Things) is we now have three generations of user interface to deal with..

- The Mac interface which is tired and confusing (in my personal opinion only)
- The iPad interface which I always found easier to use (a step up from the original Mac interface)
and now
- the iPhone interface which has leapfrogged all the others...

Showing the OF system to my new colleagues in my new job was like showing them two different apps (and now three if you include OF2). It's almost like having three different apps (albeit driven by the same underlying data).

So what I would like to know is - when are the interfaces finally going to be brought into line?


P.S. for those wondering why I bother with two GTD systems - I try and keep work and home life *totally* separated and the simpler nature of Things lends itself (to my mind) more easily to my personal stuff which OF helps me to manage the many project threads I need to cope with at work. Maybe I should use contexts to help make the separation but so far, for me, running two systems works...
One way I've mentally handled the lack of discounts in the App Stores is to be on the look out for 15-20% off iTunes cards.

Using the Logic 9 to Logic X example, if you buy $200 worth of iTunes cards at 20% off, then the "upgrade" pricing to Logic X is just $160.

$160 for Logic X vs $400-600 for Pro Tools 11 is a huge difference - to make one comparison. Every version of Pro Tools is at least $400 of upgrade costs.

Or the "upgrade pricing" for OF1 to OF2 for iPhone is $14 instead of $20. I have yet to see _anything_ on the App Store for $14 that is the caliber of OF iPhone.

Yes, you have to be patient. Yes, it's not ideal nor considerably cheaper. But it's how I've learned to reconcile my desire for "the new" and the desire for "the deal".

I still don't see why it's impossible to have a mailing list for time based deals. I know they have my e-mail anyway. That seems to take care of the customers not finding out about the time window.

There appears to be only a week of notice that OF iPhone 1 was no longer going to get support. That's fine as long as it works, but the blog made it sound like "it should/will probably work okay". I've been using it since it first came out so it was worth it, but if it starts breaking I'll become annoyed.

Folks complaining, its $20 get over it, (is this even real life...)

Originally Posted by bradg View Post
Version 2 is an outstanding upgrade and -- for me -- a delightful surprise. Frankly, the $20 barely seems to cover the value I receive on a daily basis from OmniSync Server and OmniPresence.

If you cannot find a way to lever an extra $5 or $10 of value out of OmniFocus every year then, by all means, reassess your personal use case.

This software can change your career for the better. Has Microsoft Project ever done that? Now all I need is for my iPad version of OmniFocus to work with iOS7. Support Ninjas where are you?
Well Said..! agree %100
It sucks Omnigroup has to justify making money. Just make a judgement call if it's worth it to you.

I'm personally not upgrading right now due to the cost, but I don't feel they owe me the app for free or need bend over backwards to give me a discount when the App Store doesn't even offer that option at all.

Now if you'll excuse me, Im going to go complain to BMW for how much they charge for their cars.
Omni sell great products and that's reflected in the price. However, folks who blithely ascertain it's $10 or $20 more really don't calculate the cost of ownership, or I should say use.

For OF to be effective in a workflow it must be available on all devices you use. At the moment the cost is 13.99 just for the iphone. The iPad version will be more expensive as will the mac version.

The unfortunate thing for omni is that they're releasing a whole lot of upgrades at the same time. I use a number of omni's products and OO is 20.99 just for the ipad more for the Mac, OP is 39.99 for the ipad. This is not a small amount. I appreciate they are different products, but in a recession folks are budgeting more tightly and when all these costs come at once you are bound to re-evaluate the cost.

In re-evaluating I'm simply not continuing to use Omni products as the cost in comparison to similar apps is simply too high and above what I want to spend.

This is no dig at omni, but if folks don't tell them why they not buying the new products that's no help to them either and it does seem that quite a few people are not buying the new versions due to cost.
Originally Posted by svsmailus View Post
've also decided that Omni's lack of at least giving an option for tags, not really changing anything in the database architecture from OF 1 makes me wonder why I should upgrade. Yes the Ui's nice, but that's no the most important thing for me.
This is the biggest gap in OF 2 for me, the base of OF Has not changed from what I've seen.

Whilst I don't doubt the amount of time that the fine people at Omni have put into OF2 for Mac and IPhone (and I've no doubt about the iPad app as well) a lack of progress in the back end and enabling smarter ways for users to work is why I was disappointed with OF2 for Mac, and am unsurprised that OF2 for iPhone has followed the same path

I'm caught at a crossroads. I've invested the equivalent of $180 in all three versions of Omnifocus 1, and I've had my money's worth out of the iPad version, but not the other two apps. I had pinned my hopes that Omni would improve the data model in OF2 (Omni never made this promise) and enable me to work in a smarter way in the future, and it appears that for all of the hard work and improvements in Omnifocus 2, as someone who is primarily an iPad user, these features add little to the way I work with no promise of any back end improvements. Because of this I cannot see that I will invest in new versions.

I'll continue to use OF1 for the time being, but I'll be investigating new options for the future. This disappoints me hugely because Omni are a good company which provides quality software and support at reasonable prices. Unfortunately in my opinion, Omni are not adapting to the changing landscape of task and project management in 2013 and still using an outdated model from GTD based in the early 1990s.

I don't have problems with Omni charging the same price for a new version, I don't think that the new versions of Omnifocus introduce enough new value to justify a bump from 1.x to 2.x
Originally Posted by svsmailus View Post
In the end I decided to stick my money into Evernote. ...
I've been using Evernote lately just because of the cross platform functionality but I find it ugly and messy and does not facilitate my productivity; ubiquity has it's cost.

Still a heavy user of OF on all my Apple devices. The price of this increadibly useful app is exceeded only by all the money I've wasted on a small pile of cheaper apps that spent a week on my phone.
Originally Posted by JKT View Post
It's bloody bullshit is what it is. Sorry but I am offended right now that I have spent $40 equivalent, plus $60 equivalent, plus $120 equivalent when it could have been $30, $45 and $90 or whatever discount you could have offered. I have paid a huge (for me) sum of money to OmniGroup over the years, helped them with their beta-testing, proselytised their apps and the company at every opportunity and you are trying to tell me that I would have been offended if you had offered me a time-limited discount? WTF, that is completely insane and frankly insulting.

Yes, I might have missed the sale and I would have been extremely annoyed at myself if I did, but that doesn't mean I would blame OmniGroup. It's the reality of the App Store that this is the only way that companies are able to offer discounts to their current users. It is what they DO. It's what users of the App Store know to expect - there could be a time when an app is discounted, particularly if it is a version upgrade. If you don't know that then it's tough for sure, but come on, there are no other ways to discount upgrades for your current users. None.

I am sick of OmniGroup making excuses for their complete intransigence on this. Either be up front and state outright in the app description that you will never ever offer any discounts or don't pretend to hum and hah about it. First you were waiting to see what Apple would do. Now you are just insulting our intelligence with a disgusting attempt at an excuse.

And for everyone saying I don't have to upgrade. That is a lie. I may not need to upgrade right now, but I have to upgrade at some point - I absolutely depend on these apps for my work. OmniGroup have already pulled their version 1 apps. They are no longer developing them. I can't rely on version 1 working with future updates of iOS. A point release to iOS7 could easily break them and I have no guarantee that OmniGroup will fix them or fix them quickly enough if that happened. I am forced to upgrade.

And for people saying that OmniFocus isn't worth the $20 to me. Of course it is, but I have already paid that. That is the whole point. I have already paid $20. I am not getting an entirely new app with version 2, I am getting a point upgrade to the one I already have. It doesn't have twice the features. It doesn't have twice the functionality. It didn't have to be twice the cost to me and everyone else who already owns it.
I'm not sure if you understand. There is LITERALLY NO WAY that Omni Group can offer you a discount on your upgrade, without dropping the price for EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET. And that's not really good business sense if their business is built on getting $20 from people who purchase the new version. They have employees, they have costs, Ken has been doing this for a while, they probably know what fits their revenue model.

This is the first paid upgrade for OmniFocus for iPhone in FIVE YEARS. Sheesh.

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